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Managing Principal at Convexity Solutions
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Bio I look to provide a pragmatic approach and leadership to financial services, project management and information technology. My areas of focus includes disruptive technology, business process design, regulatory compliance and transformative technology initiatives.


Innovation in Financial Services

Blockchain 2018 Overcoming Challenges and Misconceptions

09 Jan 2018

Over the past several years blockchain has been expected to greatly impact the way assets are exchanged and to reduce the operational costs to banks and other entities in various industries. As is often the case, the hype surrounding a potentially transformative technology has out-paced the ability to quickly deliver on these expectations. This i...

Innovation in Financial Services

Could Blockchain Transform the Direct Selling of Insurance and Annuity Products

23 Dec 2017

It is hard to avoid hearing about Bitcoin these days as mention of the meteoric rise in value of the crypto-currency has become so prevalent in both the traditional and social media. What is less prevalent, but what should ultimately have a greater impact overall is the technology that underpins this phenomenon, namely Blockchain. Despite some ...

Innovation in Financial Services

RPA Outsourcing: Automating a Business Process Using Software Robotics

02 Apr 2017

Increasing overhead and declining margins can drive an organization to the realization that a turn towards cost take-out strategies such as outsourcing might be the answer to improve their bottom line. However, the traditional business process outsourcing (BPO) to India or other lower cost locations is no longer the only possibility. Fast emergi...

Innovation in Financial Services

Considering a Pragmatic Approach to Blockchain Implementation

11 Mar 2017

There is an increasing amount of conversation related to the emerging technology called by the now over-used name of Blockchain. It seems an ironic use of that name since much of the actual news these days concerning solutions under development is likely not be a Blockchain solution at all, but a different form of Distributed Ledger Technology (D...