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A Finextra Member

Could RegTech save the banking industry?

RegTech alone will not save the banking industry. It must embrace digital and work out the supply chain disruption that #FinTech has created. However with profit margins continuing to shrink, regulat...

30 Dec 2016
Financial Services Regulation
A Finextra Member

My Twitter Mortgage and Fintech Year

The view before the year started was that gross lending would increase, more lenders would launch, helping drive up intermediary market share and further regulation was not necessarily a good thing. F...

29 Dec 2016
Trends in Financial Services
Samee Zafar

How Not To Digitise

A noted historian once observed that history is nothing but the unfolding of miscalculation. If this is true, then the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made history on November 8th when he ordere

28 Dec 2016
Christopher Truce

Building sustainable financial services through collaboration

For financial services, 2016 has been a year of continued innovation and disruption as new entrants have sought to challenge and in some cases replace traditional service providers. Fintech firms beli...

28 Dec 2016
Arnab Sengupta

Mobile Payments: The Merchants Dilemma

Where we are today Things have not really caught up since the launch of Apple Pay and the subsequent introduction of Samsung Pay in the market. Is it because of the fact the consumers have gone past t...

27 Dec 2016
A Finextra Member

Private POCs, Permissioned Ledgers and Patents in Blockchain

As we near the end of 2016, Banks continue to form Blockchain consortium groups to develop platforms and test this technology, the most prominent being R3CEV, Hyperledger Project and the like. While ...

26 Dec 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Daniel Szmukler

Digitalisation, open banking, PSD2, instant payments remain hot topics for 2017

One does not have to be a clairvoyant to see that digitalisation, open banking, PSD2 and instant payments will be high on the industry’s agenda in 2017. Consequently, these topics will feature promine...

23 Dec 2016
Anthony Hynes

Three ways for travel companies to survive currency fluctuations

Major political and economic events across the world have seen currencies fluctuate dramatically – at times we saw the pound tumble to its lowest level in three decades. This volatility has become th...

23 Dec 2016
Carlo R.W. De Meijer

Blockchain and what happened during our stay in South Africa?

In the past three weeks we travelled throughout South Africa. Our main focus was on the country, the people, the safaris, the Big Five. But not on blockchain! Now being back home I am curious what hap...

22 Dec 2016
Charles Platt

Capital Markets 2017: Choppy, Robotic and Pragmatic

Choppy regulatory waters and unprecedented political volatility will result in a more pragmatic approach from capital markets firms in 2017, even as they innovate into robo capabilities, automation an...

22 Dec 2016
Henri Wajsblat

Open banking can improve financial services & transparency within firms

August’s banking report from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), calling for banks to open up and allow more competition, received a mixed reaction. Some hailed it as a game changer, however,...

22 Dec 2016
Alex Kreger

To Survive in User-Centered Economy, Financial Services Have to Deliver a Perfect User Experience

Some experts fear that the sharing economy will destroy a traditional capitalism with its global corporations, banks, and supply chain. For instance, Uber — a simple service to search private drivers

22 Dec 2016
Innovation in Financial Services

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