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Banking as a Platform- The Future is Now!

The era of platforms has dawned. This is not only evident in the meteoric rise of the usage of “platform” companies by customers; but also in their valuations. The platform providers have found footho...

06 Dec 2019
Futuristic Banking
Saqib Sheikh

ISO 20022: a better payments experience for customers

People want payments to be simple. They want accessible payments with strong authentication, executed instantly, at low and predictable costs, reaching intended recipients regardless of platform or ju...

05 Dec 2019
Robert McKechnie

Open Banking: The hidden cure for financial vulnerability

As more and more companies evolve Open Banking technology into live customer solutions, both businesses and consumers are beginning to experience its transformational benefits. Despite this, its full ...

05 Dec 2019
Rolf Hauge

Ready for SWIFT Releases 2020 and 2021?

Following the relatively straightforward implementation of SWIFT Release 2019 this November, are you ready for the more complex requirements of SWIFT Releases 2020 and 2021? Here I’ll summarise what’...

05 Dec 2019
SWIFT Matters
Retired Member

European FinTech: the next generation trend setter

The influence of the US on European culture There is no doubt that the US has been a bit of a trend setter over the years when it comes to the way Europe operates. Whether that be within imports and ...

05 Dec 2019
James Penniman

Cloud 2.0: What to expect in financial services?

Research from TABB Group earlier this year found that use of public cloud within financial services was poised to accelerate in 2019. These findings are reflected in our own recent survey[1] which fo...

04 Dec 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Mahesh Pawal

How FI should survive in 'Open Banking' battlefield ?

Traditionally financial industry protected the customers’ personal, financial and transactional data. This was a great entry barrier for players like new finan

04 Dec 2019
Open Banking
David Villaseca

Are Banks really responsible in a digital world? Challenges on United Nations COP25

This week, we held a discussion on Responsible Banking on the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25). It connected different experts from Bank of Spain, Santander, etc. In terms of gre

04 Dec 2019
Digital Sales
Jesse Champagne

2019 Holiday Shopping Retail Trends Pt. 1

Holiday retail sales will increase by 5% in 2019, according to Deloitte’s annual holiday economic forecast. As a retailer, what can your business do to capitalize on the holiday shopping season and ma...

04 Dec 2019
Vikas Seth

How to improve your business with strong online identity verification

Going global means breaking geographical barriers and allowing people to connect from anywhere at any time. Every day, we see various business processes being digitized to allow businesses to go glo

04 Dec 2019
Zac Cohen

Treat 6AMLD as an Opportunity to Excel

All over the world, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance regimes are undergoing sweeping changes, as a result of shifting economic sanctions, new Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), data-reporting dema...

04 Dec 2019
George Zarya

Germany Leads The Way In Crypto, Bequant CEO sees historic precedent

Germany is traditionally seen as a trustworthy player in the financial space, not least because of its approach to regulation. Deutschland’s compliance approach and traditional conservative values whe...

03 Dec 2019