Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes

Senior Vice President at KAE Consulting
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Bio Chris is a Senior Vice President and KAE's FinTech Practice Lead. Chris has managed multiple high profile global projects across the payments, banking, FinTech, AltFi and Telecoms industries. Career History My specialist skills are geared to NPD, market sizing and opportunity assessments, benchmarking, best practice identification and go-to-market initiatives. I sit across the Commercial Payments International advisory boards (Global, U.S., Europe & Asia).


Trends in Financial Services

Health check: what the current COVID-19 pandemic means for the global FinTech industry

27 Mar 2020

The current pandemic sweeping through most of the world has wreaked havoc in most areas of the economy as well as our personal lives. As schools and businesses gradually shut down, governments plead for people to stay home to contain the spread of Covid-19. With the virus showing no sign of going away, countries could remain on lockdown for many m...

Trends in Financial Services

VC investment strategies

09 Mar 2020

FinTech investment from VCs continues to pour into the market, filling the pockets of a plethora of sub-sectors under the FinTech umbrella. 2019 saw $33.9B worth of investment, and while this is a decline from 2018’s $40.8B, it is worth noting that Ant Financials recording breaking $14B deal in Q2 of 2018 weighed in heavy into the previous year’s ...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Financial infrastructure: the FinTech way

24 Feb 2020

Financial infrastructure plays a critical role in a country’s economic development and stability. It determines how efficiently financial services can be provided. A high-quality infrastructure lends itself, among other benefits, to lower transactional costs and more accurate risk evaluations, improving lending and access to capital. In short, a f...

Asia Financial Services

Status check: China's regulatory landscape

24 Jan 2020

China’s FinTech industry is incomparable to the rest of the world. It is home to eight of the world’s leading FinTech unicorns, with an average value of $26.8BN – eight times greater than the average value of North American FinTech unicorns. But, behind China’s rapid FinTech development lies a country with unique circumstances, consisting of a lar...