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Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Overcoming the limitations of legacy systems in a microservices era

08 Sep 2021

Today, many banks are united by a common challenge: managing the limitations of their legacy cores and the operational, compliance, and customer personalization pitfalls associated with them. Monolithic legacy cores do not offer the level of functionality that modern banking customers need, especially those favoring digital experiences in a post-p...



How to communicate with the customer’s lifecycle stage in mind for better engagement

12 Feb 2021

As credit card transactions are falling and lending products are becoming even more important, banks are fighting harder than ever before to remain top of mind and relevant to their customers. In this fight to maintain relationship status and wallet share - especially as an even greater percentage of interactions are digital - personalizing each c...


2021 is the year to prioritize improving the digital customer experience. Here’s why.

29 Jan 2021

2021 will be the year we learn from 2020, and banks will be no exception. Last year, digital services were put to the test. If they weren’t up to scratch customers went elsewhere and businesses missed out. The Pandemic has Accelerated the Rate of Digital Adoption The rate of adoption of digital services, across generations in particular, was way a...


6 customer relationship tips during the crisis

26 May 2020

Recently we were Finextra’s guest for a webinar on 'Big Data: Empowering banks to drive customer-centricity'. We shared insights on how we see the banking industry changing due to several causes. An overview. You and the customer, you’re not exclusive. Yikes. We hate to break it, but your customer is seeing other people. In the UK and the US, one-t...