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6 customer relationship tips during the crisis

26 May 2020

Recently we were Finextra’s guest for a webinar on 'Big Data: Empowering banks to drive customer-centricity'. We shared insights on how we see the banking industry changing due to several causes. An overview. You and the customer, you’re not exclusive. Yikes. We hate to break it, but your customer is seeing other people. In the UK and the US, one-t...

Data Management and Governance

The scalability of CX: expectations versus reality

22 Apr 2020

When we talk to organizations about customer experience (CX) or about CX tooling, we often get the reaction that they are already working on this or that they’re quite ‘good’ when it comes to it. They managed to leverage customer data for providing a relevant interaction. However, we notice that the company’s internal expectations are rarely met. ...

Analytics in Banking

Banking industry must think 'out of the box' to solve the data science skills gap

20 Dec 2019

Arthur C. Clarke, writer of the famous science fiction epic 2001: Space Odyssey, famously remarked that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. The problem with magical things, however, is that we often ascribe them miraculous powers that are beyond their actual capabilities while ignoring the fact that far greater po...

Bigger than Technology

A 2020 perfect vision for the financial services sector

10 Dec 2019

It’s been an exciting year in the banking sector. Along with innovation being pushed along by the industry, there has also been the added pressure of regulatory change, such as the introduction of 2FA this September. In the past few years, much has been made of the potential for technologies such as blockchain, IoT and cryptocurrencies to revoluti...