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Biometrics are the new weapons of war against online fraud and supporting financial services with biometric authentication and their KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. ​ There are many different areas where biometrics are being deployed. For example in digital identity; an alternative to user names and passwords; protecting against ID theft; account takeovers and multiple accounts. ​ Mobile biometric authentication is helping to verify new and returning customers at the point of log-ins, payments and digital on-boarding.

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Steve Cook

Liveness Detection - What to look out for!

When it comes to choosing a biometric liveness detection vendor for remote digital onboarding or authentication, there are several factors to consider. Reliability, speed, the user experience and abov...

15 Oct 2020
Steve Cook

Now Biometrics will be essential for Digital Onboarding and Authentication

Biometrics will be in high demand in order for economies to function during the Covid-19 virus outbreak. Many onboarding practices with traditional banks involve the customers making a trip to the loc...

15 Apr 2020
Paul Shumsky

Don't Use SMS For 2FA. Here Is Why.

Strong customer authentication necessarily forms the backbone of any fintech application and it is common to make use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) to provide additional levels of security to p...

14 Apr 2020
Steve Cook

The importance of passive facial liveness detection

The importance of passive facial liveness detection is key for digital onboarding and a frictionless user experience. Liveness detection has become a critical part of the digital identity process for ...

27 Mar 2020
Anna Oleksiuk

EMV vs Biometric Cards: What’s Next in Card Processing?

Discover the history of card payment security and learn how biometrics are increasing the security of card payments Futuristic advances in payment technology are being deployed across the world. Cont...

03 Mar 2020
Vikas Seth

C'mon UBER, You can still lead by Example

Even though UBER being banned from London is old news (from 3 months ago), this is still quite relevant nowadays The reason as stated in new articles was t...

12 Feb 2020
Andrew Bud

2020 predictions for biometrics and digital identity

I think there are few more exciting sectors than biometrics and digital identity in 2020, and it's a privilege to be in the midst of it all. Many of the themes that we’ve talked about for years, from ...

16 Jan 2020
Steve Cook

The debate over active or passive liveness detection and frictionless biometrics

The challenge for biometrics today is that nearly all modalities need to have additional security layers. Nowadays fraudsters have found ways to bypass on-boarding or authentication procedures and in ...

09 Dec 2019
René Hendrikse

Identity technology in the sharing economy

Arguably, the sharing economy may have shrunk our ‘small worlds’ even further. We can now easily book ourselves a stay in the home of ‘trustworthy’ strangers, pick up someone else’s ‘off-the-road’ car...

23 Aug 2019
Steve Cook

Convenience vs Security: The future of facial recognition

Developed in the mid-sixties and first commercially introduced in the 1970s, facial recognition technology has since made huge strides. Now, it's considered a significant feature for major players in ...

17 Jun 2019