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Enrico Camerinelli

2013: The year of execution for Supply Chain Finance

In 2013 banks will concentrate on producing results after the period of evaluation and investments in areas like SCF, Regulatory compliance, SEPA, integration of cash and trade. Banks will work to emp...

15 Dec 2012
Financial Supply Chain
Retired Member

Interesting times for corporate treasurers

Every crisis is an opportunity in disguise. The recent financial crisis was no different. Prior to the crisis, the treasury department was as an offshoot of the accounting department. Post crisis, the...

14 Dec 2012
Tony Tarquini

Does the future of banking depend on CRM?

At SIBOS earlier this year, sales force automation (SFA) was a recurring issue, as banks are finding themselves under increasing pressure to improve customer service interactions whilst remaining cost...

11 Dec 2012
Kittredge Carswell

Grabbing a slice of the Asian trade finance pie

With Asian economies booming, smart banks are capitalising on opportunities to boost their trade finance business. But how do financial institutions from the developed world ensure market share? If th...

28 Nov 2012
Craig Ramsey

Why travel to Sibos? Just look out of the window

The enormity of global trade is on display this year in Osaka, and it is more evident than ever that payments and trade finance are critical banking services supporting global economic growth. Each da...

31 Oct 2012
Chris Principe

Trade and cash management connection a key corporate concern

Although advances have been made in global trade operational efficiencies, supply chain extensions across the world have led to increased financial impact for corporations, ultimately driving the bank...

30 Oct 2012
Financial Supply Chain
Retired Member

Innovation must be built on solid ground

Innovating to address the ever evolving needs of the customer will always be a matter of importance to banks, as they strive to deliver new services both faster and competitively priced. However, deli...

30 Oct 2012
Anish  Kanayi

Sustainable Banking: Technology's Crucial Role

The call for sustainable banking has been answered by banks in various innovative ways - transformed processes, novel products and channels, fresh policies. With the active support of technology solu...

29 Oct 2012
Craig Ramsey

At last, a SIBOS where conversation around SEPA is welcome

After years of speculation, this week in Osaka we finally appear to have a SIBOS with a SEPA conversation worth having. With the date for compliance across the Eurozone now set for February 2014, we a...

29 Oct 2012
Gary Wright

Can you really test ethical behaviour?

I have never known ethics to be talked about so much as in the last year or two and we all know why. However, I was intrigued the other day when the Chartered Institute of Investment Services (CISI) (...

24 Oct 2012
Retired Member

FATCA solved with spreadsheets: Regulatory Class A offence?

The FATCA introduction date (1st January 2013) is looming large and focusing the attention of financial institutions on what needs to be done. From my conversations with several financial institutions...

22 Oct 2012
Data Management 101
Marc Murphy

Self-service portals: The next logical step for compliance?

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented series of new regulations, each of which will require the collection of new client/entity data and support documentation to achieve full compliance. The ...

08 Oct 2012
Financial Services Regulation