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Digital Banking Trends

Co-Designing: How To Build Ultimate Digital Banking Experiences

24 Jun 2020

Banks used to win customers over by offering competitive interest rates, great services, and accessibility by having many locations. Now, interest rates are even across the board, services are only click away, and your bank is in your pocket. The world has changed and how FinTech companies win customers’ hearts has as well. Banks and FinTech compa...

Digital Identity Management

How To Enhance KYC Systems With Blockchain

23 Jun 2020

KYC and AML complicance can be considered as the most costly policies to implement and maintain. Furthermore, it is one of the factors holding back the financial innovation as early-stage startups have to deal with complicated processes, hire compliance teams and pay huge amounts to KYC data providers. And while many digital banking platforms alr...

Digital Banking Trends

Top 5 Mobile Banking Solution Providers 2020

22 Jun 2020

Mobile banking industry is one of a few to keep growing tremendously despite all the challenges the world is facing in 2020. The growing trend is very much similar across many regions leading to a great demand on technology and solutions. This situation often leads to inappropriate decisions in terms of the resource and product planning. Digital b...

Digital Banking Trends

How to Launch a Digital Bank in Africa: Top 5 White Label Solutions

07 Jun 2020

Africa is the last frontier of untapped global growth, and fintech innovators are starting to get in on the action. The continent offers enormous market potential because almost 60% of the population is still unbanked. The lack of banking facilities means that fintech providers can start building their businesses on a clean slate and avoid the cha...