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Advancing Mobile Banking Security With GPS

18 Feb 2020

Mobile-based fintech solutions are becoming the first port of call for many financial services, as people embrace the simplicity, cost-effectiveness and speed of mobile payments. Milennials and Gen-Zers admire mobile experiences they get with banking, payroll, customer loyalty apps and others. However, digital fraud is rising as fast, if not faste...

Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services

How Blockchain Is Going To Change The Remittance In 2020

24 Jan 2020

Every year hundreds of billions of dollars are transferred internationally by businesses and individuals who have emigrated from their home countries and cross-border money transfers are likely to experience double-digit annual growth rates over the next few years. Remittances reached a record high in 2018, according to the World Bank. In a press...

Open Banking

The Top 10 Use Cases Of Mobile Wallets

11 Nov 2019

Consumers are benefiting from the fast pace of innovation in the fintech industry in Europe. Mobile wallets in particular are experiencing rapid take up because of the advanced range of financial services they offer users and their simpler, more cost effective and seamless functionalities. Globally coordinated regulatory initiatives are freeing up...


Uber Can Learn From Walmart’s Employee Mobile Wallet Experience

25 Oct 2019

Uber could well be the next uber employer to be offering employees access to a payroll-based mobile wallet that provides financial benefits, including financial loans. Recently, the listed ride-hailing business, which has 19 000 employees worldwide, sent out an in-app message to some of its drivers saying it is building a new financial product to ...