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The Finextra@Sibos community is open to all delegates and exhibitors at the annual financial markets conference organised by financial messaging network Swift.

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Craig Ramsey

When Immediate Payments Go Bad

“I want it now.” Sounds like a petulant teenager, doesn’t it? But actually, it’s the sound of consumers and corporations around the world demanding immediate payments solutions. While immediate paym...

09 Oct 2015
Richard Chapman

The best practice checklist for reconciliations

In my previous blog I mentioned the growing external pressures for brokers when it comes to the reconciliation of exchange traded and over-the-counter derivatives. With EMIR requirements coming into ...

05 Sep 2013
Craig Ramsey

Why travel to Sibos? Just look out of the window

The enormity of global trade is on display this year in Osaka, and it is more evident than ever that payments and trade finance are critical banking services supporting global economic growth. Each da...

31 Oct 2012
Craig Ramsey

The return of the payments hub

After years of a lack of clear agreement from the financial sector, the payments hub is finally getting some focus, as companies seek significant gains in financial efficiency. No longer referred to a...

30 Oct 2012
Craig Ramsey

At last, a SIBOS where conversation around SEPA is welcome

After years of speculation, this week in Osaka we finally appear to have a SIBOS with a SEPA conversation worth having. With the date for compliance across the Eurozone now set for February 2014, we a...

29 Oct 2012
Retired Member

Tackling regulation - what we learned from Sibos

Regulation is a fact of life in the payments business but when it was discussed at Sibos, people seemed united in their opinions on how best it should be tackled. And common standards and communicatio...

22 Sep 2011
Killian Clifford

SIBOS - have banks missed the mobile payments boat?

With a session being held at Sibos today on whether it is too late for banks to compete in mobile payments, I thought I’d revisit a theme I’ve blogged about in the past; banks and their mobile paymen...

21 Sep 2011
Craig Ramsey

The customer is always right

It’s a fact that when it comes to banking and payments, customers have high expectations of reliability, efficiency and dependability. This has not changed over the decades. What makes it more challen...

21 Sep 2011
Craig Ramsey

Hubs. Time to make them work

Payments hubs have been a talking point for a number of years now. Once envisioned as the 'silver bullet' for payment system consolidation, the reality has become somewhat different. I've talked to ...

20 Sep 2011
Craig Ramsey

Final countdown to Sibos

It’s hard to believe that Sibos is upon us again. It doesn’t seem like almost a year since we were all in Amsterdam. (Although they do say that times goes faster as you get older, so maybe that’s to b...

15 Sep 2011

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