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Innovation must be built on solid ground

Innovating to address the ever evolving needs of the customer will always be a matter of importance to banks, as they strive to deliver new services both faster and competitively priced. However, delivering robust transaction banking capabilities is fundamentally key for financial institutions to maintain a stable and sustainable business on behalf of their customers.

Banks have to have strong payment solutions in place that actually work. In recent years, too many projects have started that on the face of it look exciting, but ultimately have failed to deliver on the most basic of processing requirements.

A core foundation of strong and reliable functionality is of paramount importance. Having strength in core systems enables the agility required for innovation, working with customers to listen to their individual needs and offer tools to facilitate flexibility and add value. Make sure that your payments innovation project delivers value to the customer first and foremost.

As an industry, we must always continue to innovate - it’s essential to drive the industry forward, but we must remember who we are doing the innovation for.


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