Craig Ramsey

Craig Ramsey

Head of Real-Time Payments at ACI Worldwide
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Bio Craig Ramsey has worked in the payments industry for over 30 years, working with banks and software vendors to improve solutions to customers. Craig is ACI's global Director of Product Management for Transaction Banking and Immediate Payments Career History Prior to his 18 years at ACI, Craig worked at Global Payment Systems for 11 years in the corporate cash management and payments markets working with banks and corporates throughout Europe and the Middle East. Prior to that he was at Lloyds Bank working with early cash management and POS systems.



What the banks vs fintech debate gets wrong

17 Jan 2023

The boom in real-time payments is reverberating across the world, and by 2026 they will make up 25% of all electronic payments. Market forces and the global pandemic accelerated adoption to new levels, providing consumers and businesses cheaper, faster and more efficient ways to pay — and there’s no looking back. And as more and more countries l...


Why the COVID-19 pandemic might be a catalyst for further adoption of worldwide real-time payments

12 Jun 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has already led to massive changes in business and consumer behaviour, is accelerating the adoption of digital payments and the interest in real-time payments across the globe. During a recent webinar we organized to discuss ACI’s Global Payments Report ‘Prime Time for Real-Time’, 36 percent of attendees said that they...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

The European race to provide real-time payments

29 Aug 2019

As individual European nations forge a real-time, digital-first payments environment, they raise the bar for all financial institutions conducting business in the Eurozone. Instant payments have become the normality, and it’s no longer a question of “what’s the business case for implementation?” but a matter of how instant payments players can tak...



SWIFT gpi, Cross-Border Payments for the Digital World

07 Mar 2019

Why is SWIFT gpi so key for cross-border payments? SWIFT gpi is not a one-off delivery or by any means static – it is the payments community pushing ahead and developing additional features on top of the interbank network. With SWIFT gpi now accounting for more than 50% of SWIFT payments traffic, access to thousands of banks globally and the abili...