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Chris Principe

CEO at Solidus Global, Inc.
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Bio Chris Principe has worked in International Trade as an exporter, importer and solutions provider for over 30 years. He is a consultant experienced with the sales, development and delivery of products focused on Transaction Banking covering Trade & Supply Chain Finance, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain. Career History CEO of Solidus Global, Ltd. a premium referral company. My career is in International Banking working for BankTrade, Surecomp, TSG, Belpay, Misys, ACI Worldwide and Collabatix. I am a consultant and trainer for International Trade. The publisher of FinFuture and Financial IT magazines.


The Payments Business

Bond-Fires of the Vanities

08 Jun 2020

Bond-Fires of the Vanities, The US Government plan to save the Bond Market, Many of you may remember the 1987 Tom Wolfe book that became the 1990 movie “Bonfires of the Vanities”. The story is about a Wall Street hotshot who watches as his high-flying lifestyle goes down in flames. The origin goes back to Florence, Italy, 1497, when the spiritua...


Millennial Banking


29 Mar 2020

OUR PLAN OF ACTION May God bless us all with strength, humility, and grace as we navigate unchartered waters. Please find a moment to watch or read the messages of Pope Francis, Mufti Ismail Menk and Iman Malaz Majanni. I found each of these to be a communication of deeply penetrating, powerful, and inspiring thoughts. My love to you and all those...

Bigger than Technology

Deposit Cash, Get Arrested

10 Mar 2020

Deposit Cash, Get Arrested! Banking has evolved more in the last few years than in the last few decades. The main reason is technology closely followed by regulation. The famous statement that “Cash is King” is no more! Banks, due to regulation and to limit their own risk, have been working with government to limit our usage of cash. A good examp...


Millennial Banking


09 Feb 2020

CRYPTO or GOLD It’s the start of a new year and a new decade! I am feeling great because I am back in my twenties again! As I recall my twenties and early banking career, I realize how my thinking has changed. During those young and fun filled days I overlooked some important questions. How do I increase, preserve and protect the wealth that I am c...


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