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Chris Principe

CEO at APB, Inc.
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Bio Chris Principe has worked in International Trade as an exporter, importer and solutions provider for over 30 years. He is a consultant experienced with the sales, development and delivery of products focused on Transaction Banking covering Trade & Supply Chain Finance, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain. Career History CEO of Asia Pacific Bridge, a financial consulting company. My career is in International Banking where I have worked for BankTrade, Surecomp, Belpay, Misys, ACI Worldwide, and DataPro. I am a consultant and trainer for International Trade. I am the publisher of Financial IT magazine.


SWIFT Matters

Sibos – the Olympics of Banking

20 Sep 2023

Sibos – the Olympics of Banking For over four decades, SWIFT's Sibos event has been the premier annual gathering for the global financial industry. Sibos provides a platform for banks, financial institutions, technology companies, and industry leaders to connect, share best practices, and to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the financia...


Everything Effects Everything

30 May 2023

Everything Effects Everything - The weight of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing everyday even if we do not see it. The use of AI goes back years before most had ever heard the term AI. Slowly AI has been ingrained into our lives. It has become our helper, guide or unseen force that pushes us without us noticing that we are being pushed. AI ...


Dream On, Bitcoin

06 Apr 2023

The dream of bitcoin is not just about fulfilling the fantasies you have in your brain when shutting your eyes. The reality of bitcoin is about not giving up on that dream. That means doing the work necessary to make the promises of bitcoin come true. That means keeping pushing until the bitcoin dream become a truth. The time is now to wake up and...

Cryptocurrency Insights

CBDCs – But WHY?

14 Nov 2022

CBDCs – But WHY? Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are being researched by central banks and governments of 87 countries and has already been launched in 11 countries. The key question is: But WHY? What follows is my view of the good, and the evil of CBDCs. CBDCs: the GOOD For you and for other people, the good things bought by CBDCs include...

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