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Chris Principe

CEO at Solidus Global, Inc.
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Bio Chris Principe has worked in International Trade as an exporter, importer and solutions provider for over 25 years. He is a consultant experienced with the sales, development and delivery of products focused on Transaction Banking covering Trade & Supply Chain Finance, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain. Career History CEO of Solidus Global, Ltd. a premium referral company. My career is in International Banking working for BankTrade, Surecomp, TSG, Belpay, Misys, ACI Worldwide and Collabatix. I am a consultant and trainer for International Trade. The publisher of FinFuture and Financial IT magazines.




09 Feb 2020

CRYPTO or GOLD It’s the start of a new year and a new decade! I am feeling great because I am back in my twenties again! As I recall my twenties and early banking career, I realize how my thinking has changed. During those young and fun filled days I overlooked some important questions. How do I increase, preserve and protect the wealth that I am c...


Banking Regulations

The UnBanked don’t need Banks!

30 Sep 2019

UnBanked – They don’t need Banks! It's SIBOS!! For me this the best time of my year. I have been to 17 of the last 22 SIBOS’s. For some, their event is the Super Bowl, the Olympics or FIBA Basketball Championship or for many more it’s the World Cup, but me, SIBOS is my Super Bowl. This year many people are talking about SWIFT falling behind, at th...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

System D: The Gray Economy

20 May 2019

System D: The Gray Economy System D is the underground or gray economy where approximately 20% of the world’s population works and is about 20% of the world’s total economic activity. The term System D is adapted from the French word débrouillard. A débrouillard is a resourceful and self-reliant person that can figure out how to get what they need ...

Millennial Banking

Ben You Did It Again

18 Mar 2019

$100 Ben, You Did It Again! One of my favorite American historical personalities is Ben Franklin, born 1706 and died 1790. Yes, Ben is known as a leader for liberty, a politician, an inventor, scientist, businessman, philanthropist and, generally, a genius in his day. He is also the only American founding father to sign all three documents related ...

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