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Steve Wilcockson

7 Chief Risk Officer Priorities for 2017

In December, I attended the Amsterdam RiskMinds Conference, which highlighted current priorities of Chief Risk Officers [CROs] and risk professionals. Having reflected over Christmas sherry and Maria...

12 Jan 2017
Vicente Quesada

I stepped down as a CEO, superseded by a Chief Robot Officer

By 2040 most financial institutions may be run by robots. Yesterday I entered on the web of my "digital" bank. I have €10,000 in my bank account. As I open the system it offers me an automat...

09 Jan 2017
Retired Member

Core Transformation, Blockchain, RPA - Next Generation Banking Transformation

In the movie Superman Returns Lois Lane wrote an article “ Does the World need a Superman” and won an award but as reality dawned , the end of the movie she once again starts to write “Why the world n...

04 Jan 2017
Retired Member

Could RegTech save the banking industry?

RegTech alone will not save the banking industry. It must embrace digital and work out the supply chain disruption that #FinTech has created. However with profit margins continuing to shrink, regulat...

30 Dec 2016
Financial Services Regulation
Retired Member

The regulation holiday effect

Global harmonisation of financial regulation is high on the wish list of many trading firms and, in one sense at least, the regulators in Europe and the US are pretty well harmonised. Both have a tend...

29 Nov 2016
Retired Member

Golden aspirations

To achieve MiFID II’s aim of greater transparency, having a proper golden source of instrument data is key for every market participant. Fortunately, under the new rules, ESMA is required to publish a...

12 Oct 2016
Retired Member

ESMA sheds light on dark trading caps

ESMA today published its first Q&A on MiFIR transparency topics which focuses on the double volume caps (DVCs) in equity markets and clarifies how markets can transition to the new DVC regime. Th...

03 Oct 2016
Retired Member

Doing more with less: a problem or an opportunity?

With increasing regularity, I’m hearing more and more banks saying that they are faced with having to do more with less - almost a mantra for our times. The facts that support this are obvious. The ...

28 Sep 2016
Laura Glynn

The Challenge of Beneficial Ownership

Beneficial ownership recently came to the fore once again with two high profile leaks – mostly recently the Bahamas leaks which saw the exposé of the names of directors and shareholders of nearly 176,...

27 Sep 2016
Retired Member

Applying Blockchain Technology to Trade Finance

In considering practical applications for Blockchain for banking processes, one of the specific areas that is in dire need of this type of technology is trade finance. Long reliant on complex banking ...

19 Sep 2016
Financial Supply Chain
Vicente Quesada

Google's Larry Page buys a 'major global bank'

Can you imagine the reaction of a bank employee if one morning he reads this headline? In the spring of 2010 I polled the students of the Master of Finance about how many of them would rather work fo...

19 Sep 2016
Retired Member

Euro Overnight Index Average-EONIA Reforms: A Clear Sign of 'Renovating' Global Benchmark Standards

The recently unveiled plan of European Money Markets Institute (EMMI) to enhance the robustness and viability of Euro Overnight Index Average (EONIA), one of the major reference rates in European mone...

17 Aug 2016
Financial Services Regulation