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This is for discussion and sharing of views on trends, practices and views in analytics in banking and financial industry

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Rajeev Verma

Process Transformation through Process Mining in Mortgage Industry

Process Transformation through Process Mining in Mortgage Industry The key driver for the growth in the mortgage industry is customer satisfaction fueled by faster service and competitive time to mark...

28 Sep 2023
Rajeev Verma

Aspects of MLOps on Cloud

Aspects of MLOps on Cloud Focus on Retail Banking by: Rajeev Verma I. Introduction Over the last 5 years, the adoption of cloud-enabled computing in the banking industry has gained trac

07 Sep 2023
Sushama Divekar

Chief Data Literacy Officer (CDLO) – the new champion in the data world

The Chief Data Literacy Officer is not yet a role in the Data Management organization but must be – very soon. While the role of the Chief Data Officer has not completely been recognized or manned in ...

17 Aug 2023
Sushama Divekar

Data as a Product – the foundational pillar for the new-gen Data Mesh Architecture

In our previous article, Beyond the monolithic era- Data as a Product ( we had touched upon the new concept, D...

30 Jun 2023
Padma Chukka

From Black Swans to Brighter Futures: FIs Ride with Data/AI & Cloud to take control of Risks &am

Black Swan events happen rarely, BUT it gives a tremendous opportunity to reinvent to create brighter futures – only if the business is proactive to handle. One way FIs can prepare is by digitaltran

02 May 2023
Padma Chukka

Into the Matrix - AI to rescue banks?

AI is skyrocketing (again) while the panic is all around in the Financial Services Industry God knows what the next economic storm is going to be; along with the rise of digital banking, and the in

28 Mar 2023
Sushama Divekar

ChatGPT – the new disruptor in the Data and Analytics space

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT. And many are using it too. This new, AI powered tool was launched by OpenAI and it has created a stir across industries and people from all walks of life. The tool c...

21 Feb 2023
Zandra Moore

5 Best Practices for Better Fintech BI Reports

In the fight to remain competitive, Business Intelligence (BI) is crucial for fintechs. Why? To name just a handful of examples; the actionable insight derived from BI analysis enables fintechs to bet...

29 Nov 2022
Helen Walters

How can fintechs continue to deliver personalised experiences once cookies are gone forever?

Fintechs rely on data and testing to build standout customer experiences that disrupt the market by challenging the status quo. But with the impending removal of cookies, how can they mitigate the ris...

28 Nov 2022
Zandra Moore

Why every Fintech should think about data from the beginning

Fintech is a lucrative sector right now, and it’s expected to grow to $31.5 trillion by 2026. No wonder startups want to get in on the action. However, it’s also one of the most challenging niches to...

21 Nov 2022

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