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This is for discussion and sharing of views on trends, practices and views in analytics in banking and financial industry

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Brian Holden

Reassessing branch banking value during coronavirus

For years, we’ve heard that branch banking is on the way out. Banks have been focused on the idea that younger generations want to do everything online, and digital transformation initiatives have cen...

08 Oct 2020
Brian Holden

Decisioning at scale: Why banks need to radically change their operating models now

Twelve years ago, the banking industry suffered deep reputational damage in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis. Bankers took the blame – in some cases deservedly – for large-scale economic p...

15 Sep 2020
Tejasvi Addagada

In Financial Services, can we measure Accuracy of Customer Data with Artificial Intelligence?

Accuracy measures the degree to which data represents the real-world entity in this case a person, organization, or Source from where we know it has originated. Measuring data quality is possible if t...

02 Aug 2020
Tejasvi Addagada

BigData Lake for Financial Services - Need to stress on Platform Governance

As Banks and Insurance firms have already embraced Data Lakes for their Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning capabilities, it is important to look for continuous Return on Investment on the pl...

26 Jul 2020
Micah Willbrand

How lenders are successfully fighting fraud during the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 has caused upheaval to all our lives. With the economic impact still uncertain but likely very significant, it’s clear we’ll be living with the consequences of the outbreak for a substantial ...

25 Jun 2020
Konrad Litwin

Now’s the time to look at best practice around risk modelling

Using advanced mathematical modelling for calculating, predicting and evaluating risk is nothing new. Financial institutions of all kinds have long been using numerical libraries, whether home-grown o...

08 Jun 2020
Srivatsa Subbanna

Beyond Chatbots : Conversational AI in Banking

In 2017, American banks collected 34.3 billion dollars in overdraft fees. (link). The average value for an overdraft fee is $ 30 in the United States. This means that the average American ended up pa...

07 Jun 2020
Joan McGowan

Smart Decisioning and Empathy in the Face of COVID-19

Banks have a responsibility to respond to their customers’ needs through the coronavirus pandemic while, at the same time, preparing for a precipitous economic downturn and a different, post-COVID wo...

20 Apr 2020
Andrew Beatty

Want to understand your customers better? Look at their events.

The next phase of digital banking is upon us. Banks and fintechs clamor to deliver unique and differentiating user experiences built upon the latest “API-first” omnichannel banking platform, but reali...

20 Feb 2020
Vivek Iyer

Leveraging Data in Commercial Lending

Digital Transformation in Commercial Lending is proceeding apace with banks rolling out initiatives in multiple areas like Re-imagining customer experience, Empowering Relationship Managers, and adopt...

20 Jan 2020