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Shital Chauhan

Banking on Video

“Reimagining, redesigning and rethinking the branches of the future” is a hot topic for banks. In order to stay ahead in the race, Banks have been experimenting with creating concept branches, adding ...

10 Aug 2015
Karim Maalouf

Online Fraud Transactions.

Fraud is now an international business and criminal gangs constantly seek out the weakest targets for the easiest returns. Securing transactions has become a vital part of today’s digital world. Accor...

05 Aug 2015
Retired Member

Outlook for Global Bank Strategies in the face of historic disruption

Goldman Sachs recently forecasts that $4.7 trillion traditional financial services revenue could be at risk from disruption. As new entrants, supported by a $12 billion investment in Fintech, disrupt ...

04 Aug 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
Duena Blomstrom

Everything's a Brand - Everything but a Bank

"What's a brand and why do we want it?" Have you seen Happyish? Critics have murdered it but some parts are absolutely worth watching. There is a scene in the pilot that says it all when it ...

03 Aug 2015
Retired Member

Pensions Advice: You Don’t Get What You Pay For

According to a Platforum survey around half of investors expect to pay less than £500 for retirement planning advice. In fact, their survey of 252 active investors, found little appetite to pay for a...

31 Jul 2015
Retired Member

Digital Banking: Where it falls short

According to Wikipedia, modern Banking has been around for a long time (since the days of Renaissance Italy in 14th century) and money even longer (bartering of cattle as early as 9000 BC, laws around...

30 Jul 2015
Retired Member

The Strategic Vision for Greece after the Bailout

Now that Greece has Received Emergency Funding – What Next? The IMF and the ESM have Greased the Wheels of Economic Recovery Greece has officially been given a clean bill of health by the Internatio...

29 Jul 2015
Retired Member

My fridge can disrupt your bank

The Internet of Everything, an emerging multi trillion dollar trend that embues a world where everything is connected to everything else and where inert ‘Dumb’ materials and products are embedded with...

23 Jul 2015
Colin Weir

The Financial Social Enterprise

A couple of months ago a friend of mine, said he was starting a business targeted at helping Social Enterprises. Pause Good – a new term. Curiosity lights up – “What’s a Social Enterprise Ben?” “It’

22 Jul 2015
Hans Tesselaar

Making sense of the government’s banking API initiative

In the last few years the financial landscape has been drastically changing shape, with new technology entrants coming onto the market and offering innovative solutions to financial services. The FinT...

21 Jul 2015
Retired Member

DIGITAL BANKING Tips - Tip 27: Big Data

“BIG DATA” is one of the most famous Digitalization concepts in recent years, not only in financial landscape but also almost in all industries. Everyone talks about it and mentions how important it i...

21 Jul 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
Rolf Enders

Cultural change will reunite banks with their long-lost profitability levels

Radical cost-cutting, branch-closing and job-axing are no longer enough. In the era of digitalization, low interest margins, strict regulations and brave new-entrant banks will need to find a new appr...

20 Jul 2015