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Robert Siciliano

Business Identity Theft Beware of Identity Thieving Employees

Wow, a lawyer in Memphis got scammed by his secretary—she embezzled over $362,000 from him, says an article on Attorney Jerry Schatz hired Teresa Sumpter, 48, in July of 2013. Little did he ...

31 Dec 2015
Abhishek Chatterjee

SIBOS,2015 - An Inflection point for transaction banks and Fintech

This year's SIBOS hosted in Singapore was a wakeup call for all the transaction banker to focus on redefining value delivered to customer. An excellent keynote from Piyush Gupta, CEO DBS group stresse...

30 Dec 2015
Fintech innovation and startups
Abhishek Chatterjee

Web Summit,2015 - why it’s a must attend for startups

Every business is getting disrupted by high speed Internet connectivity, smart mobile devices at low price points and availabilityof digital infrastructure & computing power on demand (CLOUD). Thi...

29 Dec 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
A Finextra Member

What links banking apps, margarine, and WWII bombers?

One of the first things taught in the theory of statistics is that correlation does not mean causation. Falls and rises in a couple of trends may match up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one c...

27 Dec 2015
Andre Malinowski

Trends in electronic payments: What to expect in 2016

The payments landscape is changing fast – and much of this fast-paced change is being driven by today’s digitally empowered consumers, whose expectations have been transformed by the smartphone and th...

25 Dec 2015
A Finextra Member

Data Security breach, data security breach... and Juniper

What’s wrong with these people? Is it because mathematics has been dropped from the engineering syllabus at universities, or is it because everyone employs the same incompetent security people to do t...

25 Dec 2015
Robert Siciliano

Stop being a blabber on Social Media

Are you a cyber-blabber? Even a post about your daily afternoon foray to the sub sandwich shop could get you in trouble: A burglar reading this knows when to rob your house. But it doesn’t end there. ...

24 Dec 2015
A Finextra Member

Standards Forum Wrap-Up

It took me 51 hours to get home from Singapore. Don’t ask! Before I arrived back in San Francisco the good folks in SWIFT Standards were already busy comparing notes and transcribing the snapshots o...

23 Dec 2015
Standards Forum
Ainsley Ward

Let's all go rob a bank

If I walk into a shop, pick up any item and then walk out again, the chances are that store security will stop me and I'll probably end up in court pretty soon. Likewise if I walked into a bank branch...

23 Dec 2015
Grant De Leeuw

Collections in Financial Services: The Self-Service Revolution

Consumer demand, the adoption of new payment methods, competition, regulation, digital transformation and security are powering the self-service revolution in banking. This well-publicised transformat...

23 Dec 2015
Kirsty Berry

Has the adoption of contactless really spurred the UK to spend more on cards?

Contactless bank cards really started to take off in the UK in 2014, with banks issuing more contactless-enabled cards than ever before and more merchants installing networks that could accept them. 2...

23 Dec 2015
Ben O'Brien

7 banking trends to watch in 2016

In 2015, we have seen increased regulatory scrutiny as supervisory bodies look to reform the banking industry and a new culture of supervision and best practice continues to be set by the Bank of Engl...

23 Dec 2015

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