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Vishal Virani

The Emergence of AI In Finance and Banking Sectors

Starting from Machine Learning to Neural Networks, AI host plethora of technologies. AI is one of those terms that has hit multiple industries by storm and this time it's the banking sectors. Undeniab...

22 Dec 2018
Bo Harald

Is all data MyData?

All data is somebody's data. Not really owned - but somebody is having the often exclusive right to use it. Sometimes alone, sometimes together, sometimes the right to alter and delete it, sometimes n...

21 Dec 2018
Fintech innovation and startups
Matt Miller

Pushing forward against regulatory headwinds with artificial intelligence

Many regulations impact the way banks and financial services firms make commitments or conduct transactions with partners and customers. This means that they must find relevant contracts, review the

17 Dec 2018
James Eardley

What banks can do to engage with customers when they are neither selling nor solving a problem?

According to a research paper by Finextra and SAP Customer Experience, Engaging the Unengaged Customer, less than half (49%) of consumers agree that their banks work hard to engage them, and that they...

13 Dec 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Michael Kerman

Customer Screening is the DIY Project From Hell

Every year, without fail, many banks and financial institutions embark on internal projects to improve their compliance operations. And every year, also without fail, they stumble and get stuck. What ...

11 Dec 2018
Financial Risk Management
Akshaya Bhargava

AI - The Perfect Assistant?

Recently, while doing a demo of one of our products, I was asked “where is the AI in this?” The question is neither uncommon nor rhetorical but comes with much sub-text. Do we genuinely want to know h...

28 Nov 2018
Fintech innovation and startups
Retired Member

How does AI-based credit scoring fare against traditional credit scoring?

"A neural network more closely mimics the way humans think and reason, whereas linear models are more dogmatic — you’re imposing structure on data as opposed to letting the data talk to you."...

27 Nov 2018
Behavioral Economics in Banking
Bo Harald

Four big screens

The Real Time Economy Program in Finland (2006- ) did early on set goals like: - Real Time Tax reporting of salaries, pensions and social support (for salaries ready in 2019 - rest in 2020). Dividend...

14 Nov 2018
Data Management 101
Bo Harald

Two rivers becoming one..

The rapidly swelling data river (MyData, Big Data, Open Data, structured and unstructured) and the service design river namely. In the Real Time Economy program (2006-) we have seen important progres...

14 Nov 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Mohan Raj

AI in Customer Experience Transformation

Customer experience transformation has been around for more than a decade. It was widely popular in retail industry which was quick to recognize Customer experience as a competitive differentiator. Th...

12 Nov 2018
Disruption in Retail Banking
Shailendra Malik

Ever-evolving use cases for RPA

RPA or (Robotic Process Automation) is a way to automate business processes by applying technology as a solution which is governed by business logic and structured inputs. There are many tools like Bl...

11 Nov 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Freddie McMahon


Knowledge monologue is pervasive All over the world, employees, customers and citizens are expected to read, understand and action the knowledge found in so many documents: policies, regulations, st...

10 Nov 2018
Digital Banking Trends