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Bigger than Technology

Even Dust Particles Can Be Smart With IIoT! Know the Mileage of Industrial IoT with Real examples.

18 Apr 2019

We all are aware of the concept of turning on and off the lights with the mobile phone. For manufacturers, it is possible to achieve it with the help of IoT (Internet of thing). IoT is a very simple concept. IoT enables physical objects to connect with the internet and thanks to the connectivity to the internet, it distributes several digital ways...


The Emergence of AI In Finance and Banking Sectors

22 Dec 2018

Starting from Machine Learning to Neural Networks, AI host plethora of technologies. AI is one of those terms that has hit multiple industries by storm and this time it's the banking sectors. Undeniably, AI is a broad term and has made its place in our day to day lives. Whether it's the Facebook or Instagram, the Maps or Google, AI embraces all. A...