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Is all data MyData?

All data is somebody's data. Not really owned - but somebody is having the often exclusive right to use it. Sometimes alone, sometimes together, sometimes the right to alter and delete it, sometimes no right to change or delete it. What will happen next - when GDPR is a? strong foundation and - the global movement (now also legally incorporated) - is gathering speed?

I see the following steps:

1. Locate MyData. My Personal Data, My Corporate Data, My Nation Data.

2. See to it that it is properly protected (GDPR). Next step - GDPR for the corporate data I on my own or together with a college have the right to use.

3. Consider limiting in global pact the MyData the state is allowed to keep without my consent (political opinions - beware of digital dictatorship trends as per Yuval Harari in 21 Lessons for the 21st Century)

4. Make the data useful 

4.1. In process automation. Automation of financial and administrative processes produces huge productivity benefits, massive big data and opportunities for better services. The Real Time Economy program was started in 2006 and is now a top priority for EU. 

4.2. In Service Design. Start (traditional service providers and new-class trusted Data Service Providers) by checking what data your customer or citizen needs in a particular context (life situation - plenty of these served by banks). What data do you already have? What other data is needed? How can I get the power of attorney to go and get it? How can further data be standardized and made accessible x-Europe and globally (just like PSD2)?

Then combine the individual's or enterprise's data with big data using artificial intelligence to come up with the best proposal(s).

4.3. In forecasting. Anonymised big data - as outlined here: Four big screens

Please feel free to improve this.

All the best for a very interesting Real Time Economy & MyData 2019


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