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Ed Whitehead

Why Cutting-Edge Order Automation Is An Essential For Retailers This Christmas

The Christmas season is here, and many retailers are feeling positive about performance this year, given that non-essential shops are open and things are heading back to normal. Sales, especially onli...

03 Dec 2021
Kartik Swaminathan

Fintech – How India leads and way ahead

Fintech has a key role to play in the new age economy, and governments globally have this segment as priority. They know that Fintech’s will make the system frictionless, reduce cost of delivery, bett...

03 Dec 2021
Fintech World
Andrew Beatty

Digital Financial Inclusion: Why It Matters and What’s Driving Change

Financial inclusion is a major global challenge that can be difficult to define. However, most commentators agree that it begins with access to mainstream financial products. Jim Yong Kim, President o...

02 Dec 2021
Financial Inclusion
Roel Jansen

Decisions and opportunities: The Cloud as the standard for modern-day banks

The financial industry transformed in the past decade significantly in the way they serve their clients, banks seek greater speed and agility through cloud adoption. Many banks were confronted with si...

02 Dec 2021
Anna Kuzmina

Embrace the change. How Alibaba changed the Russian e-commerce and fintech landscape.

I am an avid promoter of Chinese influence on the world internet. In particular, when we talk about Russia. In my opinion, Alibaba corporation alone has done more for the rapid development of the Russ...

02 Dec 2021
Simon Moss

Looking at AML in the New Era of Money Laundering: Where we’ve been and what’s to come

The United Nations has estimated that between $800 billion and $2 trillion are laundered every year, though it’s almost impossible to know the true amount. In an attempt to deter this crime, we’re see...

01 Dec 2021
Exposing Financial Crime
Salabh Kumar

Think about Cloud Security in Financial World

Financial Services customers understand how AWS services operate so that you can incorporate AWS into your existing processes and security operations centers (SOCs). As soon as you create your first A...

01 Dec 2021
Fintech World
Maria Stankevich

2021 Crypto year in review

In numerous ways, I would say that 2021 was a breakthrough year for the cryptocurrency market. We have seen how Bitcoin hit new record highs, observed the emergence of a legitimate legal framework in ...

01 Dec 2021
Cryptocurrency Insights
Arnaud Crouzet

EPI: how to build trust and adoption among consumers and merchants?

What is EPI? The European Payments Initiative (EPI) is aiming to provide a pan-European payments solution. EPI aims to set itself apart from other payment methods and address the challenges created by...

01 Dec 2021
The future of Payments in Europe
Alex Robinson

Workforce behaviour modelling: get proactive about insider fraud

Unsecured systems and processes can be remarkably easy to exploit. Just imagine a banking call centre, where employees process payments on behalf of customers every day. Before the world changed in e...

01 Dec 2021
Financial Risk Management
Radek Zaleski

After Jack Dorsey and David Marcus' resignations, digital payments is about to get busier

Jack Dorsey is stepping down as Twitter CEO, and the world is freaking out about it. Just take a look at Twitter shares: a 12.6-percent increase in less than an hour after the announcement. Actua...

01 Dec 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Raymond Hsu

Three huge crypto trends to look out for in Europe in 2022

2021 has been a monumental and groundbreaking year for the fast growing cryptocurrency industry across the planet, which has institutional and retail investors alike to thank for its growth. The U.S. ...

01 Dec 2021
Cryptocurrency Insights