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A community for discussion of Transaction Fraud systems and anlaytical techniques for bank card and financial services organisations.

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Gabe McGloin

Making Free Trials Work for Customer and Merchant

The experience of lockdown has turned many consumers into a captive but willing audience for streaming entertainment and subscription services. Stuck at home with children or friends and relatives to ...

13 Aug 2020
Gabe McGloin

Stopping the chargebacklash

Brands have been encouraging consumers to move their shopping online for years. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has happened all at once. Even as lockdowns ease around the world, many store...

31 Jul 2020
Retired Member

How to Detect and Prevent Transaction Reversal Fraud - UK Edition

On November 21st, a security alert from NCR was issued describing a new form of Transaction Reversal Fraud (TRF) occurring in the UK, typically between 10 PM and midnight on any given day. Contrary t...

26 Nov 2019
Paul Shumsky

4 Myths About Blockchain

While the use of Blockchain may provide transformative advantages over other technologies in some cases, they are not a panacea and do not magically solve every problem. Many publications, reports, a...

27 Sep 2019
Jackie Barwell

How knowledge of your customers can help fight fraud

The eCommerce industry is continuing its rapid growth and the lines between physical and digital shopping are becoming increasingly blurred. This change in the way consumers conduct purchases is crea...

20 May 2019
Sean Neary

The Sting in the Long Tail of Cyber Hacks

The finance world may still have concerns after it was revealed that British Airways (BA) was victim to a two-week long hack that resulted in 380,000 payments being compromised in August. And while ev...

04 Oct 2018
Mark Goldspink

Zero Ambiguity Fraud Management

I continue to be surprised by the lack of analysis and focus on operational efficiency when it comes to understanding all aspects of fraud prevention. Organisations spend a lot of time on improvements...

27 Sep 2018
Mark Goldspink

Zero Ambiguity Fraud Management

How to select the correct operational option to help your organisation beat fraud By Dr. Mark Goldspink is CEO of The ai Corporation I continue to be surprised by the lack of analysis and focus on op...

26 Sep 2018
Retired Member

How Artificial Intelligence will disrupt online shopping!!!....

Introduction How many of you think that e-commerce is come of age? A friend of mine was telling me how she finds browsing through 80,000 dresses online to find that one perfect dress for a date the mo...

19 Jul 2018
Varun Maggon

Countering Remittance Frauds with an Enterprise-wide Fraud Management Approach

Cybercrime continues to be an unending botheration for banks. While the focus of attempts and attacks until recently, tended to be on the banks’ customers (via card and account detail compromises), of...

02 Apr 2018