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Customer acquisition, onboarding and engagement, underwriting and risk management, billing and claims – all these areas are being changed by the digital innovations. Digital Insurance Trends is a group for professionals who are interested in Insurance Technology, Fintechs, and Solutions Providers - as well as Global Industry Intelligence.

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René Schoenauer

Why ecosystems could be the end and the beginning of insurers as we know them

At a recent Insurance Innovators Conference , a dominant theme was ecosystems in insurance. Specifically, what role insurers should play in relation to other companies offering products and services ...

24 Mar 2022
Retired Member

Insurance has a customer retention problem, digital is the answer.

You know the drill, your insurance comes up for renewal, you need to find the best price as quickly as possible and you know there is a one-stop shop for finding out who can give you the lowest premiu...

17 Mar 2022
Henri Wajsblat

How data can become black gold for insurers

For the last few years, exponential development of the Internet of Things has translated into billions of connected devices producing zettabytes of data. This large pool of data can arm insurers with ...

10 Mar 2022
Alex Kreger

Digital Insurance Trends: Customer Experience Restarts the Industry

More and more companies from different industries are evolving from a product-based marketing mindset to one focused on the customers' experience. This is because in an experience economy of the digit...

17 Feb 2022
René Schoenauer

Better use of analytics can make insurers quick off the mark

Insurance is traditionally thought of as being a retrospective business, using the events of the past to determine future levels of risk. Some more cynical commentators might also say the industry is ...

13 Dec 2021
René Schoenauer

Can insurers cope with colossal COVID changes and new corporate practices?

The enduring theme of conversation since the beginning of the COVID pandemic has been change. For the insurance industry, this has meant grappling with significant disruption as risk profiles were com...

15 Oct 2021
Keith Stonell

How travel insurance may fly in 2021 thanks to AI and analytics

As restrictions on international travel are lifted for UK holidaymakers, demand for travel insurance products is clearly set to rise. With ‘freedom day’ now on the horizon it is good news for travel i...

14 Jul 2021
Keith Stonell

Why the FCA fair price ruling will drive product innovation and benefit consumers

The FCA consultation on fairness in pricing is closed. The industry now knows when they must have new controls, systems, and rules in place by September, and be ready to go live with new price and aut...

01 Apr 2021
Herman Eggink

Giving your core insurance systems a second life.

Improving your Policy Admin, Claim Admin, Billing, Rating systems with cloud functionality. Back in the days, we are talking late 1960’s, early 1970’s, when CRM and ERP were viewed as interesting new ...

03 Mar 2021
Keith Stonell

The insurtechs are coming to get you! What to watch in 2021

In the world of insurtech, it is typical to make bold predictions about the state of the market and where it is headed. The fact is, however, that as the market matures investment in companies is bec...

08 Feb 2021

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