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Customer acquisition, onboarding and engagement, underwriting and risk management, billing and claims – all these areas are being changed by the digital innovations. Digital Insurance Trends is a group for professionals who are interested in Insurance Technology, Fintechs, and Solutions Providers - as well as Global Industry Intelligence.

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Herman Eggink

Giving your core insurance systems a second life.

Improving your Policy Admin, Claim Admin, Billing, Rating systems with cloud functionality. Back in the days, we are talking late 1960’s, early 1970’s, when CRM and ERP were viewed as interesting new ...

03 Mar 2021
Keith Stonell

The insurtechs are coming to get you! What to watch in 2021

In the world of insurtech, it is typical to make bold predictions about the state of the market and where it is headed. The fact is, however, that as the market matures investment in companies is bec...

08 Feb 2021
Matthew Swendsen

Ready. Set. Accelerate: Health Insurers Look to the Cloud for Digital Inspiration

MP3 Players. Smart Phones. Social Media. These technologies have become so ubiquitous to our daily routine that it’s hard to remember life before them. Yet, all were introduced within the last 20 year...

13 Jan 2021
Keith Stonell

Lloyd’s of London Blueprint Two claims to show the way

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were perhaps few institutions that looked less well equipped to function under social distancing than Lloyd’s of London. Synonymous with antiquated practices an...

15 Dec 2020
Retired Member

With fraud on the rise in the insurance industry, KYC comes to the rescue

Fraud and financial crimes perpetrated against insurers are on the rise. Although the banking industry remains the primary route for money laundering, stricter regulations and improved AML controls wi...

24 Nov 2020
Keith Stonell

Customers Are Looking to Insurers for Stability in 2021

Like everyone else, insurers have had a tough year with COVID-19 and the ensuing economic uncertainty. The sudden re-modelling of their businesses around mass working from home, the collapse in the ma...

06 Nov 2020
Keith Stonell

Has lockdown broken the magic of brokers?

Insurance brokers have always had a special relationship with their customers, one that some might have felt was impervious to change. Due to the current pandemic and the lockdown measures related to ...

25 Aug 2020
Keith Stonell

Is working from home actually best for customers and employees?

You will have done well in the last few months if you have avoided talk of the ‘new normal’ and the paradigm shift many of us have experienced in working practices. In many ways, the changes that have...

30 Jul 2020
Amita Choudhary

How Technology Is Making the Insurance Market Simpler for Consumers

Insurance is commonly seen as a complicated field that requires an expert to navigate. And while that may have been true in the past, it’s far from the case nowadays with all the advancements we’ve se...

21 Jul 2020
Keith Stonell

The great insurance disappearing act: what is the industry’s role in an ecosystem economy?

The sale of goods and services is becoming increasingly part of an ecosystem economy. From vehicle leasing to managed networking services, business models that combine different goods and services are...

26 Jun 2020