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Customer acquisition, onboarding and engagement, underwriting and risk management, billing and claims – all these areas are being changed by the digital innovations. Digital Insurance Trends is a group for professionals who are interested in Insurance Technology, Fintechs, and Solutions Providers - as well as Global Industry Intelligence.

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Sheridon Glenn

Could the future of insurance not be in insurance?

I have previously discussed how insurers are now able to build a more accurate and holistic view of their portfolios, and we have also looked at the technologies available to them as they work towar...

30 Aug 2023
Franklin Manchester

Say My Name: How personalized customer experiences can elevate financial services

by Franklin Manchester and Julie Muckleroy “Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Dale Carnegie’s words from nearly a century ago suggest an answer to a question troubling ...

26 Jul 2023
Paul Rusu

Insurers Start Small Steps to Transition From Legacy IT Systems

Insurance profitability is being squeezed by rising costs and competition, while the ability to do anything material about this is being hampered by outdated technology and working practises. But ther...

20 Feb 2023
Bency Byju

How Digital twin technology can be leveraged in insurance industry

How Digital twin technology can be leveraged in insurance industry Digital Twin technology has been around for decades. The concept is believed to have its origin at NASA when simulations were carrie...

21 Jan 2023
Sheridon Glenn

Insurers should differentiate through value and not price

The ripples from Amazon’s announcement that it was entering the UK insurance market with its own aggregator are still gently washing over the industry. I say ripples, because it was not quite the sho...

09 Jan 2023
René Schoenauer

Will embedded insurance become the future of the industry?

Many in the insurance industry see embedded insurance as the logical next step in the industry’s evolution. Proponents argue that with its promise to disrupt insurance distribution, embedded insurance...

25 Nov 2022
René Schoenauer

Are insurers doing their duty when it comes to customer service?

News of the FCA’s Consumer Duty regulations sparked some lurid headlines about heads of financial services firms being heavily fined for failing on customer service. Setting aside the hyperbole, the ...

22 Aug 2022
René Schoenauer

Why ecosystems could be the end and the beginning of insurers as we know them

At a recent Insurance Innovators Conference , a dominant theme was ecosystems in insurance. Specifically, what role insurers should play in relation to other companies offering products and services ...

24 Mar 2022
Retired Member

Insurance has a customer retention problem, digital is the answer.

You know the drill, your insurance comes up for renewal, you need to find the best price as quickly as possible and you know there is a one-stop shop for finding out who can give you the lowest premiu...

17 Mar 2022
Henri Wajsblat

How data can become black gold for insurers

For the last few years, exponential development of the Internet of Things has translated into billions of connected devices producing zettabytes of data. This large pool of data can arm insurers with ...

10 Mar 2022

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