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Customer acquisition, onboarding and engagement, underwriting and risk management, billing and claims – all these areas are being changed by the digital innovations. Digital Insurance Trends is a group for professionals who are interested in Insurance Technology, Fintechs, and Solutions Providers - as well as Global Industry Intelligence.

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Keith Stonell

How to realise the Future at Lloyd’s

The Future at Lloyd’s Blueprint One, the plan to transform the market, has been covered widely by City of London insurance pundits, but there is still a long way to go before we know what it looks lik...

14 Apr 2020
Retired Member

How Should You Approach Cases of Insurance Agent Negligence?

Many people believe that if their insurance agent fails to perform a part of their duties that leads to a penalty for them, that’s the end of the story and nothing can be done about it. However, in mo...

21 Aug 2019
Keith Stonell

Roots manoeuvre: IoT helps insurers join the dots

The value of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the insurance industry is becoming understood but there is plenty of room for even more innovation. The roots of IoT applications in insurance lie in how t...

18 Feb 2019
Keith Stonell

Amazon is going to eat your lunch! But Insurers can fight back

This summer’s silly season for news stories ended early for the insurance industry with new rumours of Amazon making plans to disrupt the sector. Well sourced reports in titles like Reuters and Insu...

08 Nov 2018
James Wooster

Does RPA fit into your processes?

I’ve had an epiphany. Sadly, it’s about IT stuff – but I thought I would share it anyway! More specifically, it’s about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and when to use it. As you will see below, sce...

01 Aug 2018
Keith Stonell

Insurance drones, boots on the ground, and big data

Drones are often touted as being the answer to a great number of modern day challenges. Soon, we are told, they will be making shopping deliveries for us, dropping off pizzas, and even taxiing us aro...

21 May 2018
Retired Member

Insurance will change in the next industrial revolution

After every few years, there is always a technological breakthrough happening and the pace or rate at which these significant events happen will increase. Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel, stated ...

08 Apr 2018
Retired Member

Car Insurance, what is coming next

According to Warren Buffet, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, any technology that reduces auto accidents is remarkable, but auto insurance companies should not be holding a party, yet. The truth is, 90% ...

07 Apr 2018
Retired Member

Artificial Intelligence - How Machine Learning is Transforming Underwriting

Over the last decade, several sectors of the economy adopted and implemented digital technologies to improve business connections and maximize output and efficiency. However, the insurance industry is...

12 Mar 2018
Keith Stonell

Come the data revolution: predictive analytics and the future of insurance

Can predictive analytics forecast if predictive analytics will transform the insurance industry? If you were to ask someone ten years ago, you might have thought ‘yeah right.’ But in the last few yea...

09 Feb 2018