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Commenting on the news articles

In the last year the web team has made several revisions to Finextra's Commenting system.

One of the changes was to alert Finextra Community members, via email, when another member has commented upon the same blog that they have.

We like this feature and it's clear that the Community does too, as we've had several requests from Community to roll this emailing feature for when members comment upon news items.

We've gone one better than that and now whenever a member comments upon a news article, a feature or a press release that someone else has already commented upon, then those members will receive a notification too. Hopefully this will help generate further discussion on popular topics!

Of course we respect your privacy, if you no longer wish to receive notifications you can change your preferences in your control panel. On the right hand side select, "Your notification preferences" and untick the, "comments on an article (news item/press release/feature) that I've also commented upon" check box, then save.

We hope that you'll enjoy this feature.


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