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Historical white papers and research on Finextra

Over the years, Finextra has partnered with many third party outfits to produce white papers and research that you, our readership, have downloaded/perused upon completion a short sign-up form.

We have completed an archive for Finextra members to view all their downloaded white papers in once place. Think of it as your own personal library.

We've added a new navigation option in your, "My Finextra" area.

The navigtion tab is "My downloads".

For example, back in 2009, if you filled in the form for Pega's "On-boarding and Electronic Bank Account Management for Corporate Treasuries" then that paper will be available for you to view/download in the Downloads tab.

Of course, to take advantage of this archive you'll need to be a Finextra Member, so it's another reason to sign up to take advantage of the Daily Newsletter.


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