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Steve Bradford

Steve Bradford

Senior Vice President EMEA at SailPoint
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Bio Steve brings over 30 years' experience in IT, with more than 20 years spent selling enterprise software and SaaS solutions. He serves as SailPoint's Senior Vice President, EMEA, where he is responsible for driving consistent growth across the company's EMEA business. Career History Previously, Steve has held executive roles at Automation Anywhere, ServiceNow, Salesforce, SAP and IBM.



Protecting against deepfake fraud in the financial industry

12 Jun 2024

In 2021, a wave of deepfake videos started to emerge across the internet and social media. From humorous TikTok videos of Tom Cruise, to unsettling speeches from Morgan Freeman explaining synthetic reality, AI-driven deepfakes started to capture the attention of many internet users. Over the past year, as AI has bled into the mainstream, technology...

Digital Bank Transformation

Financial Services, the golden target for cybercriminals

07 Jun 2024

Financial services is one of the most regulated and well-resourced sectors when it comes to cybersecurity. Yet it’s also one of the biggest targets for increasingly sophisticated cybercrime, with hackers seeking its lucrative assets. In 2023, the number of ransomware attacks in the financial industry rose by nearly two thirds (64%), almost doubli...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Cybersecurity and financial services: tackling identity challenges for better online protection

09 Dec 2022

As an industry, financial services are significantly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The Bank of England recently surveyed executives in the UK financial sector, finding that a staggering three-quarters (74%) deemed a cyber-attack to be the highest risk to the financial sector in both the short and long term, followed closely by inflation or a geo-po...

Information Security

The allure of fraud – and how to protect against it

31 Aug 2022

2022 has so far seen an insatiable appetite for stories of fraud. From ‘The Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev fooling potential love interests into giving him millions of dollars to escape his "enemies”, to con artist Anna Delvey winning the hearts and purses of New York’s social elite in ‘Inventing Anna’, fraud has become the most popular topic ...