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Create a new Finextra Community Group

Finextra has over 50 live blogging Groups.

Groups are a useful way for Finextra Community Members to associate their blog with other related blogs. So say, for example, you want to read blogs about the emerging social media presence of banking institutions, then Social Banks is a probably going to have a lot of useful content.

We are sure that there are other trends in fintech that our readship have noted but for which Finextra does not have a suitable Group available to pool related blogs.

With that in mind, we have created a link for Community members to create new groups. We hope that this will give members the opportunity to provide thought leadership and discuss the latest evolving trends in the fintech sphere.

Full Community Members (i.e. those of you that have permission to blog) are able to set up a Group and assign your blogs to it right away. We will subsqeuently vet each new group to ensure that it's not similar to an existing Group. Once that vetting is complete, the Group will be open for other Community Members to assign their blogs to.

To create a new Group, follow the "CREATE A GROUP" link on the right hand side of the Groups page (You'll need to be logged in to see the link!).


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