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Why intimacy is the next hot topic in digital banking

Temenos’ Ahmed Khidhir highlights the need for an emotional connection within digital banking and explains that, just as banks are beginning to understand what makes millennials tick, Gen Z brings has brought an additional shift in customer behaviors and expectations. As a result, banks must deliver digital experiences with a human touch to stay relevant, creating an emotional connection with their customers.

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Neil Callaghan
Neil Callaghan - Maru Matchbox UK - Southampton 14 December, 2021, 13:39Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Really interesting comments there; the new differentiator is emotional connection and not just in FS - we recently launched a programme to measure Emotion in CX with a DIY retailer here in the UK. Measurement allows the client to understand how close they are to the ideal emotional signature and how to bridge the gap in order to drive customer engagement and all the benefits that can bring.

It's all based in the recognition that customers 'feel' (system 1) before they 'behave' before they 'think' (post rationalise in a system 2 way) and yet, for too long, everyone has only measured the 2nd 2 because that's where the data was - with system 1 tools we can now measure where the majority of decisions amd reactions are made.