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Bank of New Zealand rolls out SoftPOS app

Bank of New Zealand rolls out SoftPOS app

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) has unveiled BNZ Pay, a mobile app for retailers that transforms an Android device into a contactless payment terminal.

Developed in conjunction with Visa and Quest Payment Systems, BNZ Pay is being launched with no monthly costs to merchants who settle into a BNZ account until January 2024. After that, a monthly fixed fee of $10 will be applied.

The service charge drops to zero in months when the app is not in use, making it a handy tool for seasonal micro-merchants and non-profit organisations that run occasional events and street appeals.

As well as accepting payments, the app consolidates sales data into a dashboard and can issue invoices, manage customer profiles, and send receipts by text or email.

BNZ executive, customer, products, and services, Karna Luke, says: “We’re really excited about how BNZ Pay will change the game for Kiwi SMEs particularly at the smaller end of the scale. Whether you’re a weekend market vendor, a local café or food truck, a sole trader or taxi driver, you’ll now be able to accept contactless payments - Kiwis’ preferred payment option - for the lowest cost in the market by simply using an Android phone."

In neighbouring Australia, Westpac is currently trialling Quest Payment Systems' Airpay TAP technology with small businesses, before making it more widely available in 2023.

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