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Sophia Brooke

Why Predictive Analytics in Banking Is Transformational

The banking sector struggles with two contradicting challenges. First, it needs to adopt the latest technologies to stay competitive and fight fraud. Second, it still has to hold on to legacy systems,...

03 Dec 2019
Willem Lambrechts

NLP AND SALES , PART 1 : COMMUNICATION - an interesting paradox

June 1985, the author of this piece graduates from College. He proudly shows his Certificate titled : "Specialist in marine electronics"! The main subject during the whole curriculum was com...

03 Dec 2019
Digital Sales
David Donovan

The Digital Paradigm Shift for mid-market Private Equity Firms

In today’s hyper-competitive world, Private Equity (PE) firms need to focus on executing a sustained digital transformation strategy for building a data driven due diligence capability, enhancing oper...

03 Dec 2019
Private Equity Investing in Financial Technology
Jonathan Westley

Driving a data innovation strategy in a digital world

Data underpins the modern economy. Every single day, Experian processes more than 100,000 applications for credit cards, mortgages, loans and current accounts and more than 500,000 soft searches, help...

03 Dec 2019
Data Management 101
Alex Golbin

Due Diligence 2.O: How Vendor Risk Assessment Will Evolve

Increasing focus on vendor due diligence has put significant pressure on financial institutions and vendors alike. The challenge comes into focus when we think about the macro implications. There ar...

02 Dec 2019
Business Knowledge for IT
Mark Gibson

AML-CTF Failures can Kill Banks and Careers

Westpac Bank in Australia is facing one of its gravest crises from systemic AML/CTF failures over a 5-year period that contravened the AML/CTF Act on over 23 million occasions. Heads are rolling at W...

02 Dec 2019
Banking Regulations
Steve Morgan

What trends will shake up the Banking Tech sector in 2020?

In the past year, we’ve seen technology play a huge part in shaping the banking industry landscape, from emerging fintechs to new solutions facilitated by Open Banking to the latest AI tools. With suc...

02 Dec 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Andrew Stevens

Why banks' latest clash with the CMA proves the consumer is king

Last week, HSBC and Santander agreed, following CMA action, to refund customers after they both broke a legal order relating to unarranged overdrafts. Part 6 of the CMA’s Retail Banking Market Invest...

02 Dec 2019
Banking Regulations
Ivan Kot

3 Major Roadblocks to Blockchain Adoption in Banking

Since its invention back in 2008, blockchain technology has been trying to disrupt a number of industries with varying degrees of success. Core features of blockchain, such as decentralization and imm...

02 Dec 2019
Breana Patel

How Lenders Can Reduce Compliance Risk For Unfair, Deceptive Or Abusive Practices UDAAP

The prohibition of “unfair or deceptive acts and practices” by federal banking regulators is not new. First introduced via the 1938 Wheeler–Lea Act, with a significant expansion in 2004, the concept h...

02 Dec 2019
Financial Risk Management
Marcus Martinez

Predicting an avalanche

Avalanches are an interesting phenomenon. All looks peaceful and quiet, until that exact moment when an invisible trigger is activated and that humongous mass of snow comes down destroying anything st...

29 Nov 2019
Open Banking
Michael Chambers

Record fine issued for governance and control failings over regulatory reporting

Yesterday, the UK arm of a large international banking group was fined £44 million for prolonged and pervasive shortcomings in its internal controls and governance arrangements around capital and liqu...

29 Nov 2019
Financial Services Regulation