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Fintech innovation and startups

'Desperate times call for Innovative measures!' - New Opportunity for SME and FI

03 May 2020

“What do you call China – Villain or change-enabler?” You can call whatever, but China, as a country, has magnificent impact on the globe. According to Worldbank, China’s share of global GDP in 2019 was 19.24%. This number indicates, how Chinese economy is weaved into the global economy. And the latest product from China is – ‘Coronavirus Disease

Digital Banking Trends

''Are you ready to throw your cards?'' - Disruption in the Cards Industry

25 Apr 2020

You want to buy that new shiny latest model of iPhone from Apple store. And as you take out your wallet to pay the bill, you are bewildered – 3 credit cards and 2 debit cards – which one to use? Obviously, debit card doesn’t make sense – but wait! There is an offer which says, 10% additional cashback on debit card payment and another one says – ‘

Open Banking

How FI should survive in 'Open Banking' battlefield ?

04 Dec 2019

Traditionally financial industry protected the customers’ personal, financial and transactional data. This was a great entry barrier for players like new financial institutions and fintech companies. However recent changes on regulatory horizon, including implementation of Farrell Report in Australia, Payme