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Mahesh Pawal

Portfolio Product Manager, Digital Transformation at Fiserv
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Digital Banking Trends

When Digital Payments FAIL: The Trojanization of the Digital Payment Ecosystem | PART 3

02 May 2023

94% of the passwords used by 5.2 billion internet users scored less than 65 on Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) security scale. I am pretty much sure that you are one of them. CIS suggests that anything less than 80, is considered an easy target for hackers, given the advanced computing power available today. To determine if your password is ha...

The Payments Business

When Digital Payments FAIL : Disconnected World | Power Failure and Internet Outage | PART 2

21 Apr 2023

The sound of thunder echoed through the small business as David frantically tried to process digital payments from his customers. He had always relied on the convenience of digital payments, but he never imagined the nightmare that would unfold before him. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck nearby, causing a power outage and leaving David and hi...

The Payments Business

“When Digital Payments FAIL : Over-Reliance and Real-World Examples | PART 1”

11 Apr 2023

As you slip into bed, you set your morning alarm on your phone and glance into your banking app to ensure that all is well. But instead of seeing your balance, you are met with a notification that sends shivers down your spine - your account balance is at zero. Your mind races as you frantically check other payment apps, but to your horror, they t...


From Chaos to Consistency: Unlocking the Potential of Digital Payments

25 Mar 2023

"The only thing worse than no payment system is having too many payment systems." - David Marcus, Head of Facebook Financial Welcome to the world of digital payments, where transactions are just a few taps away. With numerous payment options available, the digital payments landscape can be overwhelming for users, leading to confusion an