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A community that concentrates on SWIFT as an important business tool in the payments and standards world.

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Akhil Rao

The Global ISO 20022 Journey - Nuances, Complexities and Considerations

Standards are a cornerstone of the financial industry. For over 40 years the SWIFT MT standard has enabled industry automation, reducing the cost and risk of cross-border business, and enabling the de...

16 Aug 2022
Alex Simpson

Why we should be utilising the benefits of ISO 20022

Why we should be utilising the benefits of ISO 20022 Author: Mansion House Consulting Publications ISO 20022 is finally upon us and is set to revolutionise payments and networks. Indeed, as FinExtra ...

10 Sep 2021
Rolf Hauge

Trade Finance updates for 2021, no more delays please

I shared my thoughts this time last year about the upcoming SWIFT Releases originally scheduled for 2020 and the importance of early preparation. Earlier this year, the planned SWIFT changes for Trad...

03 Dec 2020
Haohan Xu

It's About Time: Disruptive Settlement Technologies Are Coming to Banks

The race is on to reinvent settlement. As customer demands for faster settlement times increase, and new technologies come online, banks are under pressure to meet their clients’ heightened needs It's...

11 Jun 2020
Rajiv Desai

Ready for ISO 20022? Make AI part of your migration toolkit

The ISO 20022 messaging standard will enable rapid payments processing and global settlement, with interoperability across many payments infrastructures. As we move closer to the migration deadline a...

18 Mar 2020
Rolf Hauge

Ready for SWIFT Releases 2020 and 2021?

Following the relatively straightforward implementation of SWIFT Release 2019 this November, are you ready for the more complex requirements of SWIFT Releases 2020 and 2021? Here I’ll summarise what’...

05 Dec 2019
Domenico Scaffidi

SWIFT gpi: the build vs buy debate

As the world moves towards a more global way of doing business, banks and financial institutions need the capability to move money around efficiently, transparently and in a cost effective manner and ...

21 Nov 2019
Retired Member

Another Day at SIBOS 2019

On the first day of Sibos My TB gave to me A current account and OD facility On the second day of Sibos My Transaction Banker gave to me Two virtual accounts And A current account and OD facility T...

25 Sep 2019
Retired Member

Swift takes the first steps with Distributed Ledger Technology

Swift has announced a proof-of-concept trial to link distributed ledger-based trade networks to its payments network. The industry reaction concentrates, not on the functionality or advantages, but t...

08 Feb 2019
Rolf Hauge

Now SWIFT Release 2018’s done, are you ready for SWIFT Release 2019?

For the first time in many years SWIFT’s MT Standards Release for 2018 (SR2018) incorporated a number of significant changes for banks’ trade finance operations. For many banks it presented a real te...

14 Jan 2019

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