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A community that concentrates on SWIFT as an important business tool in the payments and standards world.

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Craig Ramsey

What's next for SWIFT gpi and cross-border real-time payments?

SWIFT gpi poses many opportunities for banks. Like any technology, the rate of change is accelerating, making it critical that banks keep pace with the market and with their competition. In 2018, as d...

24 Sep 2018
Retired Member

The Clock is Ticking: Are You Ready for SWIFT’s CSP?

Remember the days of being assigned a paper to write when you were in school? You’d be given months to complete it and yet somehow you always found yourself, on the weekend before the deadline, scramb...

13 Oct 2017
John Doyle

What happened to prudent banking practice?

Recent events in the international payments world have highlighted yet again the confusion over SWIFT’s responsibilities in the payments chain. SWIFT was created to send payments instructions from a s...

23 May 2016
Saurabha Sahu

Will SWIFT be replaced by Blockchain?

SWIFT has become the backbone of the financial market from 1973. SWIFT has proven the scalability, security, resilience and created the history that is the trust in the network. SWIFT has provided a n...

02 Apr 2016
John Doyle

What Makes a Great Relationship Manager?

The Summary First, the summary for those that can't be bothered with the detail. A great relationship manager is someone who, Understands their customers business, Knows the customers strategy and wh...

23 Nov 2014
Andrew Owens

CGI and the Path to Coopetition

For years, dealing with different domestic and international payment and account statement formats was a primary challenge within the domain of corporate payments. In this format-centric era, the conc...

22 Apr 2013
Roy McPherson

Would back office systems cope?

When we were at Sibos we enjoyed a team dinner in a local restaurant. As the topics of the day were mulled over somewhere up popped a contentious question "If the Greeks default, and Greece dis...

05 Oct 2011
Roy McPherson

Aren't I the lucky one?

Funny what you find in your spam mail, this weeks mail has broadened my horizons to include penis enlargement treatment, a link to a young lady of dubious morals and, wait for the drum roll, a lady of...

20 May 2011
Steve Scott

Real Time Reconciliation Crucial To Managing Liquidity Risk

It's interesting to hear it said at IPS2011 that performing real time reconciliation is crucial to managing liquidity risk . I would agree with this but for the fact that if the demand is really the...

23 Mar 2011
Retired Member

Clouded Judgement?

Whenever a new technology hype cycle starts, there is a stampede of major vendors all vying to be seen as the “hype leader”. The latest hype cycle to affect the IT industry is cloud based computing. ...

18 Nov 2010