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Rolf Hauge

Rolf Hauge

CEO at Commercial Banking Applications (CBA)
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Bio Rolf Hauge is CEO and founder of Commercial Banking Applications AS (CBA). Rolf participates actively in both the strategy planning and sales activities of the company and is also one of the key architects in the development of the IBAS Global Banking Factory. Career History Rolf has been an active participant in the banking software industry for more than 40 years and over the course of his career has been involved in more than 130 sales and installations of banking IT systems in 22 countries.



Ready for the ISO 20022 cross-border payments transition?

24 Feb 2021

The new ISO 20022 global payments standard will change the way banks send cross-border payment instructions. It’s clear that banks and vendors have different degrees of readiness for its arrival. Some banks are already quite advanced in their preparations. Others remain behind the curve. At the same time, banks must also prepare to switch to using...

SWIFT Matters

Trade Finance updates for 2021, no more delays please

03 Dec 2020

I shared my thoughts this time last year about the upcoming SWIFT Releases originally scheduled for 2020 and the importance of early preparation. Earlier this year, the planned SWIFT changes for Trade Finance Category 7 for Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit were pushed back to November 2021. This delay comes on top of an earlier postponeme...

SWIFT Matters

Ready for SWIFT Releases 2020 and 2021?

05 Dec 2019

Following the relatively straightforward implementation of SWIFT Release 2019 this November, are you ready for the more complex requirements of SWIFT Releases 2020 and 2021? Here I’ll summarise what’s in store across both Trade Finance and Payments for 2020 and beyond. It’s worth noting that the impact of the changes planned for November 2021 are...


Sanction screening and AML control: the right or wrong approach?

18 Jun 2019

Over the past decade the requirements for sanction screening and anti-money laundering (AML) control have increased dramatically, and regulators have stepped up enforcement. Estimates indicate that fines of over $25 billion dollars have been issued in the last ten years for AML and sanctions violations by regulators across North America, Europe an...