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Kevin Greene

The Future of Payments is Real-Time

Real-time payment networks work around-the-clock and offer many benefits, from flexibility to security. Instantaneous payments are already bringing vast improvements to the financial services ecosyste...

15 Sep 2023
Konstantin Rabin

The Essential Crypto Tools Every B2B Business Should Have

The realm of digital currencies has experienced significant growth in recent times, extending beyond individual investors. B2B enterprises are progressively acknowledging the possibilities that crypto...

15 Sep 2023
Rebecca Trivella

A New Approach: How Gamification Reinvents Credit Card Launches

Today's customer isn't just looking for another card to add to their collection. What they want is a financial partner that offers an engaging and rewarding experience. No longer limited to traditiona...

15 Sep 2023
Marketing in Financial Services
Naina Rajgopalan

How Indians Can Make UPI Payments Abroad?

For any Indian travelling to any part of the world, shopping is a must, and using other payment modes can sometimes be a headache. But now, for Indians, it is easy to enjoy the benefits of UPI (Unifie...

15 Sep 2023
Eli Talmor

E-Commerce on social media and Fraud Prevention.

Introduction. Many people and businesses sell products through social media platforms. It's a common practice and can be quite successful. To get started, you'll typically need to create a business pr...

15 Sep 2023
John Diamond

The Rising Tide of IT Automation in the Financial Services Sector

IT automation in the financial services industry has been an evolving trend for many years. Generally speaking, IT automation refers to the use of software to create repeatable instructions and proces...

14 Sep 2023
Digital Bank Transformation
Kevin Eley

Cybersecurity is Essential for Risk Management: Optimizing Security Spend Cloud-Native Platforms

The modern threat landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Attackers are continuously deploying more sophisticated techniques and it can be hard for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) ...

14 Sep 2023
Pavlo Farb

How to build secure banking apps and digital wallets

Thinkers always win, don't they? Industry leaders who think strategically and plan are more likely to achieve their goals. A product that meets user expectations, ensures safety of their assets and se...

14 Sep 2023
Digital Banking
Rosie Hewat

Building a company culture across business and borders

Building a company culture is one of the fundamental aspects of a business, no matter its size or location. How can this be done successfully when your business not only spans different countries, but...

14 Sep 2023
Personnel Management
Michele Tucci

Banks must connect with Gen Z — before it's too late

Gen Z distrusts banks. Many in the under-26 age bracket blame banks for the current economic woes of the world. In their eyes, "too big to fail" means the fat cats always win, at the expense...

14 Sep 2023
Esther Groen

Why Banks Need to Decouple Their Payments Processing Value Chain

The traditional payments processing model for account-based payments is under unprecedented strain amid diminishing profit margins, increasing competition from fintechs, and rising costs. These challe...

14 Sep 2023
William Perry

The value of personalisation to today’s Finserv customer

The modern finserv customer has high expectations. Accustomed to the ease of mainstream consumer services, they expect the same levels of experience to be replicated across their financial services jo...

14 Sep 2023
Innovation in Financial Services

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