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Paul Penrose

Floor Traders 1 Computers 0

Nice to see the legacy human interface saving the day for Nyse after Tuesday’s run on stocks sent the Big Board’s fancy new electronic trading system into a tailspin. Capacity constraints forced the ...

01 Mar 2007
John Doyle

SWIFT Matters

I have read several articles in the financial press recently that so obviously regurgitate old press clippings. This laziness on the part of journalists leads to some regular and common inaccuracies,...

28 Feb 2007
SWIFT Matters
Paul Penrose

Breaking the CrackBerry habit

Addled BlackBerry users looking to indulge their inclinations or control their CrackBerry habits now have a Website on which to find both a fix and a cure. offers help forums, beginner...

28 Feb 2007
John Cant

Simplicity brings better Compliance

At MPIE we recently provided input to a whitepaper from NetApp - a leading unified storage solutions supplier - on compliance trends and how to reduce the risk and costs of their impact. I will leave ...

27 Feb 2007
Paul Penrose


It’s déjà vu all over again. An imminent early switch to daylight savings time in the US is raising fears of a Y2K-style disruption to date-sensitive computer applications. And the problems could exte...

22 Feb 2007
Paul Penrose

Clearing the way for more consolidation

All eyes on Deutsche Börse and Italy’s Monte Titoli after rival exchange Euronext divested itself of all but five per cent of its holding in clearing and settlement agent LCH.Clearnet (LCH.Clearnet t...

15 Feb 2007
Finextra50 fintech index
Paul Penrose

Bob the Bully gets his come-uppance

If, as seems increasingly likely, the London Stock Exchange succeeds in seeing off Nasdaq’s attempted hostile takeover, it will at the same time deal a serious blow to the ambitions and reputation of ...

05 Feb 2007
Paul Penrose

Where the wind blows

It’s been a long time coming, but Joe Public, and the companies that serve him, are finally wising up to the risks and challenges posed by global warming. This week saw the publication of no less than...

02 Feb 2007
Nick Hastings

Prism a venue for all occasions

Occupying the former Bank of New York building on Leadenhall Street, Prism restaurant and bar is an ideal choice for after work drinks, dinner or lunch. The basement bar has an excellent choice of bee...

30 Jan 2007
After hours
Paul Penrose

Investors goggle-eyed at Frankfurt exchange

News from the front-line of the electronic trading revolution: Deutsche Börse is to spend EUR4 billion on refurbishing its trading floor! The Frankfurt-based exchange is one of only two bourses in Eu...

30 Jan 2007