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A round-up of interesting videos knocking about on the web. Anything worth watching of interest to Finextra community members.

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Banking in the future - as seen from 1969

The BBC have put a priceless collection of items from Tomorrow's World online. If you've not heard of it, this used to be essential viewing on BBC1. It was a weekly look at science and technology whic...

14 Sep 2009
Paul Penrose

One trillion dollars visualised

Mint's online lifestyle mag does its bit to remind us all how deep in the mire we are with the snazzy 'One Trillion Dollars Visualised' animation. In layman's terms, that one trillion dollars would b...

22 Jul 2009
Paul Penrose

Does Jon Stewart use inside information?

Having mopped the floor with Jim Cramer and CNBC, the Daily Show's Jon Stewart has turned his attention to the practice of short-selling in this typically barbed report from regular correspondent Sa...

18 Mar 2009
Paul Penrose

Bernie Madoff is the Cookie Monster

Want to know how Bernie Madoff swindled his billions, but only got a minute to spare? Ernie from Sesame Street explains all here. Not sure that I fully approve of Ernie's rather Tarantinoesque retrib...

16 Mar 2009
Paul Penrose

Barclaycard goes viral with waterslide creative

A good example of viral marketing from Barclaycard, which is challenging the public to create a home-made version if its waterslide TV advertisement, in which an office drone travels from work to home...

12 Mar 2009
Paul Penrose

Mindboggling science and the arrival of home evolutus

TED speaker Juan Enriquez looks beyond the financial crisis at mindboggling science and the arrival of home evolutus. Here's the pitch: "Even as mega-banks topple, Juan Enriquez says the big reb...

25 Feb 2009
Retired Member

Shiney Apple people...

I stumbled across this video today which I think perfectly encapsulates the Apple philosophy. Nice to see cutting edge design taken beyond even the iPhone. Now if you'll excuse me I have to pop to th...

12 Feb 2009
Paul Penrose

Bernie Madoff's take on over-regulation on Wall Street

Some choice quotes from squeaky-clean Bernie Madoff on the trials of doing business in the modern financial system. "Whenever I go down to Washington and meet with the SEC and complain to them th...

18 Dec 2008
Paul Penrose

Contactless payments make prime time TV debut

Contactless payment technology is getting a big push in the UK courtesy of Barclays, which has started running a prime-time TV advertising campaign. The ad features an office drone travelling home fro...

20 Nov 2008
Retired Member

The Windows 7 boy band pop video

Here's a moderately amusing viral video on YouTube attempting to plug PDC 2008, where traditionally Microsoft unveil their future of "the Platform" and technical strategy. Their what? At th...

08 Oct 2008

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