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A decade on, it’s time for the sequel

So, MiFID I, you turn 10 today. Happy Birthday! That’s an excellent reason to pause and celebrate a little. When you first arrived markets were dominated by national stock exchanges with little or no ...

01 Nov 2017
Breana Patel

AML BSA compliance : Revised CDD rule

Background 11.5 million documents, a staggering number, were leaked from Panamanian law firm ‘Mossack Fonseca’ in 2015. The contents of these documents, mostly financial information about wealthy indi...

17 Oct 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Retired Member

Who makes the decisions around here?

Recording the execution decision maker is a new requirement under MiFID II. Working out how to populate that field turns out to be trickier than expected. Take a buy-side that gives strict execution i...

17 Oct 2017
Bob Lyddon

Banco Popular Espanol: new EU bank supervisory system threatens to unravel

In June Banco Popular Espanol (“BPE”) was sold to Santander for €1, with Santander taking over all the assets and senior liabilities of BPE. Crucially BPE depositors with over €100,000 in their accoun...

19 Sep 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Shyam Khandelwal

Do banks really know their customers ?

Background The other day I was shopping on Amazon and Flipkart online. I chose a mobile to buy and on the same page, another section came up which had information displayed for a mobile cover and a sc...

05 Sep 2017
Futuristic Banking
Retired Member

A case for regulatory freeze?

Market participants are naturally worried about the immediate costs of regulation, some of them still uncertain about the future benefits. But with all the twists and turns on the road to regulatory c...

28 Jun 2017
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Introduction Know Your Customer (KYC) processes require banks to validate and verify primary documents as part of due diligence. Currently the market is flooded with KYC utilities that help manage the...

30 Mar 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Enrico Camerinelli

Killer Corporate Banking Use Cases for Fintech

Although banks may appear slow to react and less agile than emerging fintech companies, banks remain their corporate clients’ main point of reference for technology innovation and inclusion. Even many...

22 Feb 2017
Transaction Banking
Retired Member

No action sometimes better course of action

Implementing pan-European financial regulation is no easy feat. Finding agreement across 28 member states and translation into vastly differently legal systems is a true challenge. It comes as no surp...

15 Feb 2017
David Donovan

Data Analytics as a Service in Asset Management: Moving from Assumption to Fact-based Modelling

The year is shaping up to be one where my dialog with leadership within large financial institutions shifts from “I want to do digital” to “Show me how digital helps me become more competitive.” Digit...

14 Feb 2017
Capital Markets Technology
Graham Seel

How Cash Management Will Become the Bank’s Greatest Asset

OK for most of us this sounds crazy. Cash management is a commodity. All the big banks do it. All the small banks offer it, even if they have to outsource it. Companies need it but there’s nothing new...

10 Feb 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Christopher Truce

If it was easy everyone would do it but collaboration is hard, that's what makes it great!

Most western economies have experienced little or no growth since the global financial crisis.However, fewer resources are often a trigger for innovation and better long-term planning. Before hard tim...

09 Feb 2017