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The pace of evolution for many corporate finance and accounting functions is accelerating. The mandate of the CFO is expanding and the challenges they face accumulating. This blog is an exploration of these topics.

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Tatsiana Kuchminskaya

Why Do You Need a Digital Wallet?

The new digital reality is rapidly and irrevocably changing our lives. The impact of digital technology on civilization can only be compared with the appearance of fire when it became clear from the f...

11 Aug 2022
Svetlio Todorov

The importance of payment optimisation: Why every merchant needs a trusted payment partner

Merchants and retailers rely on payment service providers to facilitate their payments journey. While much is being said about the need to work with payment partners, it is important for merchants to ...

29 Jul 2022
Nick Shah

With the emergence of dynamic and on-demand reporting, are the standard Finance reports dead?

A favourite movie line of mine is, “I want that report on my desk tomorrow morning!” I always felt it was a phrase stolen from the Finance office at the end of the 20th century! In a typical Finance f...

06 Jul 2022
Richard Price

Innovation for Customer Engagement Doesn’t Have to Mean Reinventing the Wheel

Are you doing everything possible to transform your business digitally? Are you striving to innovate in order to achieve maximum agility? To achieve these ends, are you invested in every kind of next-...

20 May 2022
Tatsiana Kuchminskaya

Ten FinTech Trends to Follow in 2022

The pandemic provoked a crisis in many industries, including FinTech. Due to quarantine measures, banks, credit institutions, and insurance companies had to close their branches temporarily. Despite t...

04 May 2022
Dmitry Dolgorukov

Key Learnings For Financial Brands To Use In 2022

In the past couple of years, we’ve observed significant industry changes unlike ever before. 2020 was a year of reactive action to a global pandemic as companies and businesses scrambled to adjust to ...

23 Feb 2022
Bhavesh Vaghela

2022 Predictions Intelligent systems, remote relationships and Experience as a service

It’s February, and a year and a month has passed since my last predictions blog, and what a year we have had. Like with everything in life, things have taken longer than expected to finish. This is ve...

16 Feb 2022
Christophe Kasolowsky

Is Robotics just a sticking plaster for the Finance function?

RPA in Finance Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be traced to the early 2000s, but the technology entered mainstream Finance transformation solutions around 2015. To put this into context, a KPMG p...

08 Feb 2022
Alastair Lauder

Financial Crime Regulatory Complexity Due to Rocket in 2022

2021 has been a year of two halves – the first we were all dealing with life under lockdown. And the second half, supercharged with the vaccine programme, has seen life trying to get back to normal. B...

06 Jan 2022
Gregg Early

New Generations Mean More Expectations from Banks and Credit Unions

An interesting article in Tearsheet discusses a recent CapitalOne study that shows how much concern there is for financial wellness within Gen Z. It’s a significant amount. Nearly 80% wish they were ...

01 Nov 2021

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