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Abhijit Deb

Storefronting and the rise of window shopping in investment banking

People’s interactions with their banks have undergone an extraordinary transformation. From the emergence of app-only challengers such as Monzo to the evolution of physical branches, technology has dr...

07 Feb 2018
Banking Architecture
Bob Lyddon

Carillion: further detail on recommendations to unsecured creditors. Please share if you know any

Since my earlier blog it has come out that the liquidator is indeed “dealing in” Carillion’s contracts and this is very important for the unsecured creditors who have supplied and remained unpaid in t...

24 Jan 2018
Financial Supply Chain
Enrico Camerinelli

New Credit Scoring Models Ahead

Banks will profile corporate credit risk blending financial indicators with supply chain performance metrics. This point represents the hinge that will connect corporate supply chain process data with...

21 Dec 2017
Financial Supply Chain
Retired Member

Pieces coming together

Derivatives market participants have been rightfully concerned about the potentially adverse impact of MiFID II on global trading. However, the US and EU authorities have taken significant steps in re...

20 Dec 2017
Bob Lyddon

Unicredit's Non-Performing Loans - deteriorating again, but you wouldn't know it from the publicity

Unicredit gave a "Capital Markets Day" in London on 12/12/17 and what an upbeat event it was, accompanied by a slidedeck full of green ticks and words like "signed" and "compl...

14 Dec 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Bob Lyddon

Unicredit's FINO project and its recapitalisation as a whole

We have published a research paper - you can find it in the section "Research Papers and Training Agendas" on our website - about Unicredit's "recapitalisation". It focuses on: th...

10 Dec 2017
Trends in Financial Services
Retired Member

MiFID II, the gift that keeps on giving

Hopefully for those of us in financial services MiFID II is now pretty much part of the furniture, and whilst it is causing turmoil and deep discomfort, the reality, is that it is here to stay and the...

08 Dec 2017
Retired Member

Full steam ahead

Yesterday ESMA published the long outstanding reference data for equities and bonds. Captains of the industry might worry little about abbreviations such as LIS, SMS, ADT, AVT or ADNT. But the engine...

07 Dec 2017
Harneet Bahri

A Closer Look At What Warren Buffet Bought And Sold In Third Quarter

The third quarter was pretty good for the US markets as we saw all-time highs being made. However, this also meant that big investment managers and companies made little changes to their portfolio. Th...

23 Nov 2017
Personal Finance
Retired Member

Can you cut it? Costs that is

Nobody ever said it would be easy 2017 has seen the rules change, the financial services sector will never be the same again. Competition is rife, regulation is overwhelming, and customer attitudes ar...

21 Nov 2017
Capital Markets Technology
Retired Member

MiFID II quick fixes

In its consultation for changing RTS 1, published yesterday, ESMA suggests that the tick size regime should also be extended to Systematic Internalisers. I don’t want to discuss whether it is a sensi...

10 Nov 2017
Sufyan Khan

Are the UAE banks ready for CRS reporting?

The objective of developing a Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is to combat tax evasion. Common Reporting Standard (CSR) is the tax reporting framework developed by Organisation for Economic Cooperatio...

01 Nov 2017
Transaction Banking