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David Ratnage

David Ratnage

Commercial Lending Director, Capital Markets at FIS
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Bio David is Director of Product Management for Commercial Lending at FIS. Career History David has thirty years of experience delivering credit risk and lending lifecycle transformation. Formerly a Banker, David transitioned to software provision in 2001 and has led the design of credit lifecycle management solutions at a number of providers.


Banking and Lending Solutions

Digitalize to Diversify in Commercial Lending

20 Mar 2024

When the going gets tough for commercial lenders, the tough get diversifying. In challenging macroeconomic conditions, there’s no guarantee your traditional customer base will weather the storm. But do you have the innovative digital technology you need to move into new markets? Some regional banks in the U.S. have already suffered the consequences...

Capital Markets Technology

Commercial lenders are developing a digital response to COVID-19

21 May 2020

When the world last confronted a global crisis, it's fair to say that banks were at the center of the problem. This time around, the industry is doing all it can to form a big part of the solution. And in the face of COVID-19, commercial lenders are leaning on their digital infrastructure as never before. First, as in every other sector, a top pri...

Capital Markets Technology

All Digital Lending Approaches are Not Created Equal

16 Mar 2020

With on-demand services and faster decisions, digital lending platforms are changing the face of commercial lending. But digital approaches differ – and as banks transform their operations to keep up with online competitors, they need a technology-driven approach that moves beyond speed and takes them into new, unexplored areas. While digital disr...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Choose Change for Faster, More Accurate Credit Decisions

27 Feb 2020

When you're assessing the creditworthiness of borrowers, you need technology to help you not only do it efficiently and get it right but also give you flexibility. So, is your credit assessment solution giving you the freedom of choice – or could it be time for a change? The commercial lending ecosystem itself is evolving rapidly, with the demand ...