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Saloni Ramakrishna

It takes two to Tango –Central Banks and commercial banks, partners in Climate change management

There were two primary principles that I touched in my previous blog Climate change Management- whose job is it anyway. The first is, boundary definitions with clear responsibility/ accountability f...

18 Apr 2022
Trends in Financial Services
Michael Rada


When on October 15, 2021 second of my FINEXTRA blogs was published it wake up interesting response in the readers world. The number of responses was higher then expected and one of the reason may be t...

05 Apr 2022
Simon Cureton

Enough stick! Where’s the carrot for SMEs to go green?

SMEs are falling behind in the race to net zero. The threat of a regulatory ‘stick’ hangs over them, with companies likely to face repercussions in future if targets are not met. Understandably, there...

04 Apr 2022
Going green
Tejasvi Addagada

Managing Data Quality is important to the success of digital driven Financial services

Data is increasingly valued as an asset for companies, so ensuring that data is of high quality is imperative. Progressively, in the world of IoT, we are seeing machines make decisions. These decision...

03 Apr 2022
Data Management and Governance
A Finextra Member

A greener cloud: the importance of sustainable technologies

The ever-present risks from climate change have made sustainability a key topic for financial institutions. Companies have historically driven financial, security, and agility benefits through the clo...

22 Mar 2022
Innovation in Financial Services
Steve Morgan

The future of banking is environmentally sustainable

As COVID-19 prompted people to think about their impact on the planet, banks have reviewed their approach to environmental, social & governance (ESG) with fresh eyes. KPMG’s 2021 ESG risks in bank...

17 Mar 2022
Going green
A Finextra Member

Giving people what they want: the tech that will help banks to meet customer demands

Welcome to a new era of customer-centricity. Today, customers enjoy a wealth of options at their very fingertips. They are made more powerful as a result. Hyper-responsive brands such as Netflix and ...

11 Mar 2022
Trends in Financial Services
Andrew Reeves

Digital Banking Strategies are Greener and Smarter on the Cloud

Banks may not have been the earliest adopters of the cloud, but industry leaders now realize that a cloud-based digital strategy enables a range of strategic advantages—including improved sustainabil

10 Mar 2022
Jinder Kang

Dear Banks, It's Time To Pay Your Debts

The moment has arrived for banks and fintech to pay their debts – environmental debts – after years of collecting them. With sustainability being one of the most essential aspects of strategy and conc...

09 Mar 2022
Kalliopi Chioti

Why Banks Need the Cloud in the Race to Net-Zero

Kalliopi Chioti, Chief Environmental, Social and Governance Officer, Temenos. Banking’s push to digitise has primarily been driven by financial and compliance pressures, increasing competition and cus...

04 Mar 2022
Sustainable compliance
Jonathan Wood

Harnessing technology to drive ESG compliance in advance of new SFDR regulation

High-profile scandals, such as the regulatory investigation into whether the DWS Group misled clients about sustainable investing, and Fundsmith being stripped of its ethical rating due to mis-selli...

02 Mar 2022
Sustainable compliance
Anthony Pickup

Will terms such as HALO and LEOs enabled MNOs be common terms by 2030, as GPS and 5G are now?

As we move through the 2020's will these two terms become common in the Mobile phone and broadband ecosystems or fade away as the terms WAP and Fax have since the 2000’s. As a Digital Architect in Cap...

01 Mar 2022
Online Banking

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