Diederick Van Thiel

Diederick Van Thiel

Visionary Board Member | CEO | NED at AdviceRobo | Ecology Innovations | IKANO | Channel
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Bio Diederick van Thiel is an experienced board member, data-tech investor, and writer who is recognized as one of Europe's fintech pioneers. All of his fintech companies were listed in the European Fintech Fifty, and he was awarded London Fintech CEO of the Year in 2018. Diederick is the founder and CEO of AdviceRobo and E-cology Innovations, and serves as a non-executive director at the neo-bank Ikano (IKEA) and Channel Capital. He previously served on the boards of ING and KPN Mobile. Career History Diederick is driven by a sense of purpose in his work. One of his main purposes is to support financial inclusion through AdviceRobo's alternative credit decision-making platform. He also serves as the Chairman of the sustainability committee at Ikano Bank, with a focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Additionally, he is passionate about leveraging data technologies to improve the net-zero performance of smart buildings. In his academic pursuits, Diederick's PhD work focuses on understanding the impact of advanced technologies on the evolution of (neo) banking. His research interests extend beyond his PhD work and lie at the intersection of behavioral science, neuroscience, and digital sciences.


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Hot : Human Centered AI in Small Business Credit

17 Apr 2024

Empowering entrepreneurs in bridging their finance gap Exciting news! My latest research has been given the green light for publication in the prestigious European Journal of Finance. Teaming up with esteemed professors Karen Elliott, John Goedee, and Roger Leenders, our paper delves into a novel inclusive credit scoring approach aimed at bridging...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

AI Leadership Learnings from the World Economic Forum 2024

29 Jan 2024

In a blogpost from May 2023, I explored how AI is reshaping the dynamic world of finance. Like many others I also concluded that the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) already has had a profound impact, serving as a game-changer. We know that by now! But what to do if you are a CEO or business leader in this transforming world of (gen)AI?...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Unlocking Underwriting Potential: The Power of Data-Driven Transformation

22 Sep 2023

In the midst of economic uncertainties and emerging challenges, traditional insurance and banking business models face threats that demand adaptation as a necessity rather than a choice. While banks have made some progress in their transformations, they still lack the leadership required to unlock new business and operating models that can restore...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Unlocking Embedded Finance: Dynamic Data and AI Leading the Way

31 May 2023

Embedded Finance: Redefining Financial Services Small businesses starting today may never interact with a conventional bank. By logging into their e-commerce or accounting platform, they can open a deposit account, order a debit card, and meet most of their financing needs. The operators of these platforms are not usually banks. Rather, they are s...