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Author; Senior Director at Oracle
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Bio Author, Columnist, Value Architect, Vlogger, Blogger, Speaker and Panelist at prestigious Industry events. Career History Published Author, Financial services industry practitioner with nearly three decades of experience. Rich hands on knowledge and real world perspectives in the areas of ESG and Climate,Risk, Compliance, Performance and Data Management.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

COP commitments, Climate finance and Climate Risk – A Connected Continuum

22 Jan 2024

The recently concluded COP 28 has, once again, flood lighted the need for focused and positive action to facilitate movement towards a low carbon ecosystem and therefore a sustainable future for all. A crucial decision made at COP 28, as relevant to this article, is the need to reduce Greenhouse Gases by 43% by 2030 and 60% by 2035 (relative to th...

Trends in Financial Services

It takes two to Tango –Central Banks and commercial banks, partners in Climate change management

18 Apr 2022

There were two primary principles that I touched in my previous blog Climate change Management- whose job is it anyway. The first is, boundary definitions with clear responsibility/ accountability for the major stake holders and the second, need for smooth collaboration between them. Central banks and commercial banks are the critical stake holde...


Trends in Financial Services

Climate change risk management – whose job is it anyway?

28 Feb 2022

Well, the answer is obvious isn’t it – it is “EVERYBODY’s, you would say. There lies the difficulty. One of the first management lesson’s is never to make any job “everybody’s” as it has two risks inherently. Either it becomes everybody’s and nobody’s at the same time, resulting in an impasse or the boundaries and the gaps in-between one group to ...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Managing Liquidity in Covid Times – The Cash Flow Story - A Segmented approach for the “New Normal”

14 Jun 2021

“Never take your eyes off the cash flow because it is the life blood of business” Richard Branson. I had, in my earlier blogs spoken of Margin compression- the P&L Story and Capital compression- the Balance Sheet Story. In this blog am exploring the Liquidity Story against the Pandemic backdrop. It is not a story of less or more liquidity but ...