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Nameer Khan

Founder and CEO at Fils
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Bio Nameer Khan, Founder & CEO of Fils and Chairman of the MENA Fintech Association (MFTA), is lighting the path to sustainability in the payments sector, building the infrastructure necessary to track and mitigate harm to the environment. Career History Nameer has been recognized as MENA's Future Fintech Leader by the UAE Central Bank for his outstanding contributions to industry-wide growth and collaboration, creating a strong fintech community throughout the Middle East and North Africa.


Innovation in Financial Services

On International Water Day, How can Fintech Stem the Flow of Climate Change?

21 Mar 2024

Every year, March 22nd marks a somewhat solemn reflection on the state of the world’s water security. The bedrock of all known life, water is a fundamental need for all communities, depicted throughout literature as a unifying symbol of life and renewal. However, this year’s International Water Day warns against a not so far future in which water i...

Climate Fintech

Hurricane Category Six Considered by Scientists - Here’s how Fintech can help stop the seventh.

27 Feb 2024

The traditional five-category Saffir-Sampson scale for measuring hurricanes may not show the true power of the most destructive storms, scientists claimed in a paper published earlier this month. The research is a telling reminder that climate change, and the resulting increases in global temperature and extreme weather events, are not standing st...

Long reads

Fintech: Leading the fight against greenwashing with data and transparency

30 Nov 2023

In an era of heightened consciousness, consumers, investors, and regulatory bodies are scrutinising companies' environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices more than ever. According to one Edelman report, almost three out of four institutional investors do not trust companies to achieve their ESG commitments. This scepticism has been driv...