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James Stickland

Strengthening Financial Security with Biometrics

Technology is evolving faster than ever, sprouting new business models and paving the way for the rise of fintech companies like Robinhood, PayPal and Coinbase. In addition to disruptions to traditi

20 Dec 2018
Arunachalam N

Know Your Transactions - KYT

Many of us have heard about KYC (Know Your Customers) while opening bank account, Insurance Policy, Investments and Pension Schemes. Bank insist on process to know about the customer before onboa

17 Dec 2018
Business Knowledge for IT
Uri Rivner

State Sponsored Attacks: Is the US taking the gloves off?

It looks serious this time: the Trump administration says it’s ready to hit China with direct sanctions for what the US says is a sustained digital industrial espionage campaign. It’s quite unprec

15 Dec 2018
Information Security
Simon Monahan

Why improving cyber resilience starts with a better understanding of current capabilities

In a recent speech at Bloomberg, Megan Butler, Executive Director of Supervision at the FCA, described the threat level facing financial firms as ‘remarkable’. These comments were made in light of a ...

13 Dec 2018
Information Security
Myles Dawson

Fintech is fighting back on fraud

Retailers are in the midst of the busiest shopping period of the year, starting from Black Friday, through to Cyber Monday, pre-Christmas, Boxing Day and then the January sales. Huge volumes of money ...

11 Dec 2018
Keith Stonell

ICYMI - Cyber Insurance Stress Tests Look to Future

Tesco Bank’s £16m fine for its cyberbreach shows how the regulators are now truly baring their teeth on punishing cybersecurity failures. Financial and reputation damage from cyber attacks, therefore,...

06 Dec 2018
Robert Siciliano

Protect Yourself From Gift Card Scams

So maybe Christmas now means the very predictable gift card swap, but hey, who can’t use a gift card? But beware, there are a ton of scams. This includes physical, not just digital, gift cards. Regar...

06 Dec 2018
Robert Siciliano

Beware of Rogue Cell Phone Charging Stations

Humans have evolved a new body part: the cell phone. One day it will be part of anatomical illustrations of the body in health and medical books probably an appendage on your head. I’m not a Dr. so do...

06 Dec 2018
Vibhav Agarwal

Top 4 ways to secure your data in the cloud

In today’s information age, a daunting challenge for financial organisations of all sizes is determining the right approach to the storage of large volumes of data in a safe, cost-effective, compliant...

05 Dec 2018
Information Security
Nick Mothershaw

Protecting customers from push payment scams

Fraud is a continuing problem globally. In fact, research from Experian highlights the annual cost of fraud as £190 billion, equal to nearly £7,200 per household. Although technology to protect custom...

04 Dec 2018
Howard Berg

Why banks can be the driving force behind digital identity schemes

The first internet protocol, invented back in the 1960s, only allowed machines to talk to each other and could not enable the secure identification of the person using them. This was not a problem for...

04 Dec 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Scott Cutler

Recognising and Preventing Multi-Cloud Security Risks Within the Financial Services Sector

The past few years have seen cloud adoption soar as organisations have begun to fully understand the benefits that the cloud can offer in terms of storage, flexibility, scalability and cost savings.

04 Dec 2018