Keith Stonell

Keith Stonell

Managing Director, EMEA at Guidewire
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Bio I'm the EMEA managing director at Guidewire Software, a global company that specialises in providing software solutions for the general insurance industry. Career History I'm 30 years young in FinTech. I joined Guidewire as MD in 2013 from Temenos Software, where I led a portion of their European and Emerging Markets Operations. Prior to Temenos, I was the managing director for EMEA in the Financial Services Division of Misys PLC.


Digital Insurance Trends

Customers Are Looking to Insurers for Stability in 2021

06 Nov 2020

Like everyone else, insurers have had a tough year with COVID-19 and the ensuing economic uncertainty. The sudden re-modelling of their businesses around mass working from home, the collapse in the markets for travel and other insurance products through to the difficulties around claims for business interruption insurance, are all factors that hav...

Digital Insurance Trends

Has lockdown broken the magic of brokers?

25 Aug 2020

Insurance brokers have always had a special relationship with their customers, one that some might have felt was impervious to change. Due to the current pandemic and the lockdown measures related to it, brokers, along with many other professionals have had to reimagine the ways in which they do their jobs and interact with their customers. The re...

Digital Insurance Trends

Is working from home actually best for customers and employees?

30 Jul 2020

You will have done well in the last few months if you have avoided talk of the ‘new normal’ and the paradigm shift many of us have experienced in working practices. In many ways, the changes that have been forced upon us are a good thing. People have wanted more flexibility in their lives for some time and the largely positive experiences many bus...

Digital Insurance Trends

The great insurance disappearing act: what is the industry’s role in an ecosystem economy?

26 Jun 2020

The sale of goods and services is becoming increasingly part of an ecosystem economy. From vehicle leasing to managed networking services, business models that combine different goods and services are more and more commonplace. Motor and consumer electrical markets have been adapting to these changes for some time, and they are now becoming ever-mo...