Keith Stonell

Keith Stonell

Managing Director, EMEA at Guidewire
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Bio I'm the EMEA managing director at Guidewire Software, a global company that specialises in providing software solutions for the general insurance industry. Career History I'm 30 years young in FinTech. I joined Guidewire as MD in 2013 from Temenos Software, where I led a portion of their European and Emerging Markets Operations. Prior to Temenos, I was the managing director for EMEA in the Financial Services Division of Misys PLC.



Insurers should look alive in 2020

23 Dec 2019

May you live in interesting times, so goes the Chinese curse. 2019 has certainly been an interesting year for insurers. Going into 2020, the industry is grappling with the fallout from disastrous weather events, and with chastisement from regulators in the UK on how insurers must do a better job in delivering value to customers. Nonetheless, the ...


Does Lloyd’s Have the Insurtech Blueprint for the Future?

13 Dec 2019

In September 2019, the world’s oldest insurance marketplace made yet another announcement about how it would transform itself for the future. The announcement of the Lloyd’s Blueprint One had been well signalled when Lloyd’s announced the Future of Lloyd’s Prospectus back in May. This was followed by a consultation exercise that wrapped up in July...


How to Find the Ideal Insurtech Mate in a Jungle of Options

25 Sep 2019

As the Indian summer comes to a close, and I prepare for our global user conference I have been reflecting on the insurtech market once again. Perhaps something people missed was the Willis Towers Watson and CB Insights Quarterly InsurTech Briefing Q2 2019 published in July. It is well worth reading and watching the video here. A headline-finding...



It's the quiet ones you've got to watch...

11 Sep 2019

Cyber-attacks are hardly new news, but they are an ever-changing threat. The cyber landscape does not stand still for long, and with each new technological innovation, hackers find new vulnerabilities to exploit for their benefit. Even with existing technology, hackers never cease to find new ways or loopholes for intrusion. The threat is coming f...