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Saeed Patel

A look back: the top developments in regulatory compliance in 2022

The carousel of financial sector regulations must continuously turn to keep up with an evolving space. As new technologies come along, new threats follow. In 2022, cyber attacks continued unabated, wi...

02 Feb 2023
Andrei Karpushonak

From Bearer Bonds to Registered Securities: The Evolution of Finance

In the financial world, securities are financial instruments that represent ownership of a specific asset or claim on an underlying asset. In the past, most securities were issued as "bearer ins

02 Feb 2023
Asia Financial Services
Eyal Elazar

Why online retailers must beware of policy abuse

Retailers across the UK are bracing for a challenging economic period. While the winter months are usually the busiest period for brands, the country is in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis, with pr...

01 Feb 2023
Fatemeh Nikayin

The dangers of breaking compliance rules within the card payment schemes

Card payment operations is a highly regulated industry, with a core aspect being compliance with license rules (scheme rules and regulations) of international payment networks (e.g. Mastercard, Visa) ...

01 Feb 2023
Andrei Karpushonak

The Evolution of Ledger Systems: From Simple Record-Keeping to Double-Entry Accounting

The evolution of ledger systems can be traced back to the early days of human civilisation, where simple record-keeping forms were used to track transactions and assets. Over time, the development of ...

01 Feb 2023
Asia Financial Services
Andrei Karpushonak

Navigating the Financial Industry: Understanding Risks, Rewards, and Regulations

The financial industry is constantly evolving, with new products and services being introduced regularly. With this growth comes increased risk for investors and greater rewards for those who make the...

30 Jan 2023
Asia Financial Services
Philip Chethalan

Identity Verification for Neo Banking: Ensuring Security and Compliance

Introduction to Digital Customer Onboarding with Identity Verification for Neo Banking In the world of finance, digital onboarding is becoming increasingly important for neo banks. Neo banking refers ...

30 Jan 2023
Digital Banking Trends
Brad Shrum

How Technology Can Help Compliance Monitoring

Legacy compliance programs are struggling to keep up in today’s fast changing environment, and recent studies show compliance teams are stretched to their capacity limits. Unfortunately for most teams...

27 Jan 2023
Troy Haines

Risk and Resiliency: 5 Risk Management Predictions for 2023

As we hit full speed with our plans for the coming year, it’s only natural to consider what the months ahead will bring. Yet, in the risk management realm at least, this annual look forward feels some...

27 Jan 2023
Vijay Rangan Gopal

Aligning Sustainable Investments with Retail Investor Preferences-Setting up a future-proof framewor

Highlights Sustainability impact has gone mainstream in Financial Investments, with expectations for transparent ESG data requirements growing manifold. Sustainable Investing regulations aimed at imp...

27 Jan 2023
Climate Risk
Nick Green

Have It All: How are Banking and Finance Unlocking Multi-Bureau Data Strategies?

For Banking and Finance, adopting a multi-bureau credit data strategy is often dismissed as “too hard to switch”, “too expensive” or “not important enough”, but this is set to change. The FCA recently...

24 Jan 2023
Financial Services Regulation
Deepshikha Mittal

FCA MarketWatch 70-Observations and suggestions in Transaction Reporting / Instrument Reference Data

Regulators, in recent years, have increased market surveillance by enforcing mandatory disclosures via Trade and Transaction Reporting (as per MIFID II and EMIR). In MarketWatch 70, the FCA highlighte...

23 Jan 2023
Regulatory Reporting

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