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Devin Redmond

Four Security and Compliance Predictions for the Fintech Industry in 2021

The past year has prompted radical shifts to the corporate world, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. With the mass closing of traditional office spaces, companies across all industries were f...

18 h
Andreas Hobbelin

Are Nordic financial institutions really compliant with US sanctions?

To answer this, one most likely need to go deep on all financial institutions (FI), however, what if one would ask some simple questions to begin with? Lets start with the following; Are you screenin...

15 Jan 2021
Trends in Financial Services
Anna Monteiro

Rounding out 2020 Foreign Direct Investment Regulations

Now that we have seen a close to 2020, let’s take a look at foreign investment changes around the globe. Following on from my 2nd installment in September, foreign investment regulations have contin...

14 Jan 2021
Financial Services Regulation
Adam Holden

Top 5 Compliance Challenges and Trends in 2021

If we thought 2019 ‘was quite a year’ and that 2020 would bring some challenges, then how on earth do we begin to verbalise the last 9 months? Despite epidemiologists warning of a once-in-a-lifetime p...

12 Jan 2021
Big Data
Riten Gohil

Why Orchestration Tech is the Future to Unlocking Identity

Is Identity Broken? Identity is broken, or many will have you believe so, in reality it sort of works allowing hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses around the world to activate and access ...

11 Jan 2021
Finextra site news
Alistair Catto

Meeting the requirements of AML 5 and 6

Recent analysis conducted by LexisNexis highlighted that many financial institutions are struggling to complete their implementation plans for the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD). Even m...

11 Jan 2021
Banking Regulations
Luke Hinchliffe

The onboarding conundrum - a poor experience for business customers and banks

The onboarding process for opening corporate accounts at banks is littered with friction points. But it’s not just the customers who are suffering, it’s also the banks themselves. It is evident just h...

08 Jan 2021
Bhupesh Yadav

RBI's regulation on storage of Payments System Data in India

Electronic payments have made a huge impact on the lives of millions of Indians in the last few years with various options to make and receive payments in a timely manner. With that in mind, RBI has...

08 Jan 2021
Christopher Smith

Compliance and control: Solve your data headache with better email and document management

The increasing volume of data that financial firms hold is making it difficult for them to control information and ensure sensitive correspondence is managed effectively. This lack of data management ...

04 Jan 2021
Data Management and Governance
Nazar Korshivskyi

Merchants & Acquirers: Data Protection Roles

GDPR. I bet you may have heard this abbreviation previously. Two years in, this European data protection regulation has become well-known for its hefty fines, new obligations and a broad geographical ...

23 Dec 2020
Data Protection Act Issues
Cyril Lalo

Maximize PSD2’s SCA Exemptions

Risk of over €100 billion in lost sales (1) Surge of CNP fraud in other regions of the world without SCA Focus on qualifying transactions within exemption categories Since 2015 Merchants and paymen

22 Dec 2020
Dynamic Card Security Code, CNP & eCommerce Forum
Richard Blore

A Renewed Focus on Outsourcing and Third-Party Risk from the Financial Stability Board

Those of us who work in financial services are keenly aware that third-party risk management (TPRM) continues to be a key area of focus for global financial services regulators. Recently, we have seen...

21 Dec 2020
Banking Regulations