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Thomas Winter

Don’t let our quick fix society get in way of AML checks

It’s very clear that money laundering is well and truly on the rise. Although it’s pretty much impossible to pinpoint exact figures, government officials estimate that between $800 billion and $2 tril...

21 h
Digital Identity Management
Kuslani De Silva

The Basics of Open Banking

Open Banking has grown overnight. It started with the PSD2 regulation for Europe in 2018. Open banking is now adopted in Australia, several parts of Asia, Latin America and many other regions. Here ar...

15 Jul 2019
Open Banking
Ivy Schmerken

MiFID II Research Unbundling Spreads Uncertainty to the U.S

Eighteen months after MiFID II rules to unbundle research payments from executions have been in force in Europe, U.S. asset managers are dealing with uncertainty around paying for research and how to ...

15 Jul 2019
Mete Feridun

EU Banking Package: is MREL transparency really warranted?

Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD), one of the components of the EU Banking Package, which was published in the Official Journal of the EU on 7 June 2018 will need to be transposed into EU ...

14 Jul 2019
Banking Regulations
Stuart Jackson

Is banking security in Africa holding fintech back?

Many people, including myself, are becoming more interested in what’s going on in African banking and fintech. Investors and infrastructure founders such as Dana Buys, Mzi Khumalo, and Dr Segun Aina ...

11 Jul 2019
Information Security
Freddie McMahon

Regulation Chatbots: Knowledge First, Data Second

Data is the enabler for any digital strategy. Organizations need timely and accurate data from human interactions. This is an imperative for sensing early and responding quickly to ever changing circu...

11 Jul 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Ron Delnevo

Payment Choice - Not Everybody's Cup of Tea?

I started scribing this article on July the 4th, so it is perhaps natural that my British mind turned to tea. However, my own brain had no room for thoughts about Boston. No. My Gray Matter was focuse...

10 Jul 2019
Financial Inclusion
Dmitrii Barbasura

The requirements for non-dedicated PSD2 interface and how ASPSPs can meet them

This is the first piece from an upcoming series of articles about non-dedicated PSD2 interfaces. The scope of these articles is to describe to EU-based ASPSPs that have chosen to provide a non-dedicat...

09 Jul 2019
Banking Regulations
Christopher Liguori

The Data Debacle Around Investor Due Diligence

Maintaining coherent tax data across the enterprise in a fungible manner allows for vast improvements in the compliance process. All required data must be immediately accessible across the enterprise....

08 Jul 2019
Mete Feridun

EU prudential regime for investment firms - what's the state of play?

The new EU prudential regime for investment firms is expected to be published in the EU Official Journal towards October 2019 and to take effect around mid-2021. The regime introduces a tailored prude...

08 Jul 2019
Joris Lochy

Securing your doors is not enough. Go for a multi-layered security strategy.

Cyber-attacks are all over the news! From ransomware to phishing, farmware, malware and cryptojacking up to DoS attacks. It seems as if the internet has been transformed to the Wild West. Combine this...

05 Jul 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Mete Feridun

UK regulatory reporting regime is unduly complex - could RegTech be the solution?

The regulatory reporting regime for banks and investment firms in the UK is unduly complex. Regulated firms are required to follow guidance from numerous regulatory sources and have to grapple with co...

02 Jul 2019
Banking Regulations