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Pauline L

Enhancing User Protection: The Importance of Secure Wallet Integration in Crypto Payment Gateways

With the increasing popularity of digital currencies, security has become a primary concern for users who want to keep their crypto safe. Wallet integration plays a critical role in ensuring that tran...

07 Jun 2023
Sergei Romanov

Fintech and Digital Nomadism: Match Made in Heaven

Those working in fintech, especially in product development, such as myself at Profee, know very well that we always need to be on the lookout for new user segments. Lately, the fintech industry has b...

12 Jan 2023
Tomas Campos

2023: What Needs to Happen When it Comes to Student Debt

A turning point is dependent on more than the Biden relief package. One of the hottest topics when it comes to personal finance right now is the prospect of student loan forgiveness. The Biden plan th...

06 Dec 2022
Sean Gilbert

Investing: Active or Passive?

The merits of active and passive investment have been debated for years, an average of 35 per cent of active equity funds outperformed their passive peer in the 12 months to June this year, according ...

25 Nov 2022
Shoshana Weizenblut

Why You Should Invest in Innovative Companies During a Commodity and Food Crisis

We are entering an almost unprecedented global situation created by three converging - and interconnected - crises. As we approach 2023, the world is facing major food shortages, a commodity crisis, ...

27 Oct 2022
Ilan Friedman

The Headache of Implementing a Source-to-Pay Automation Solution

There's a Simpler Way It's not your fault. Implementation was not supposed to take this long, nor was it supposed to cost this much. But what's worse – it didn't really get you the results you expec...

26 Aug 2022
Daire Ferguson

How can traders beat inflation?

Around the world, inflation rates are surging, rising to near unprecedented levels. Last month, it was revealed that inflation in the UK had surged, hitting a 40-year high of nine per cent. What’s mor...

22 Jun 2022
Brad Goodall

As ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ starts to impact credit scores, financial literacy is a must-have

When securing large loans for a big purchase like a home or a car, a good credit score is essential for securing the best interest rates. Those with the highest credit scores can generally lock in the...

13 Jun 2022
Luigi Wewege

Get on The Road to Investing Wisely with These Tips

Financial security is often associated with saving money in interest-bearing accounts. While that’s true, there’s another approach that you can use in tandem with saving: purchasing investments that w...

17 May 2022
Daire Ferguson

How can traders manage risk?

Trading has the potential to be incredibly lucrative. Whether you’re trading stocks, commodities, forex, or cryptocurrencies, all these financial markets offer the potential for explosive growth. Howe...

19 Apr 2022

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