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Andria Evripidou

Open Finance - how to make Making Tax Digital truly succeed

With Making Tax Digital (MTD) now in full swing, HMRC is one of the most digitally advanced tax administrators in the world. But for many small business owners, MTD is new territory and HMRC is a blac...

17 May 2021
Tom Ainsworth

Get on the front foot with a tactical approach to data integration

By Tom Ainsworth, Head of Customer Engagement, Jitterbit Every company on the planet has been rocked by the changes to consumer behaviour prompted by the pandemic. But, while some sectors might str...

07 May 2021
Thomas Pintelon

Identifying the customer needs before traditional credit origination

In a world of hyper-personalization and customer-centricity, customers are expecting their banks to provide solutions to their needs, rather than having to find, buy and compose different products and...

27 Apr 2021
Daire Ferguson

How online trading changed in 2020 and what’s in store for 2021

It is fair to say that although recent years have seen a series of unpredictable social and political events triggering market volatility, the dramatic price swings we have experienced since the start...

17 Feb 2021
Hans Hagen

Can partnerships superboost your consumer lending revenues?

You may have felt it more than ever over the past months. The pandemic makes it harder to grow your revenues, as customers are more concerned about their personal health and well-being than ever befor...

04 Feb 2021
Amita Choudhary

Building Credit for Your Small Business

Your credit score is one of the many numbers that can have a direct impact on whether or not your business will succeed for the next five years. This includes both your personal credit score and the c...

30 Jan 2021
Joris Lochy

Financial Optimization - Core business of a bank?

You could argue that the main role of a bank is to increase the buying power of its customers, i.e. support their customers in increasing their assets. This can be through credits or investments. Both...

08 Dec 2020
Anton Lashuk

6 Free Tips on How to Improve Consumer Experience in Debt Collections

Even if a consumer fails to pay their debt, you shouldn’t stop serving them. Now, more Americans than ever have debts, as the statistics shows, which should not be a surprise whatsoever; in these chal...

07 Dec 2020
Jonathan Westley

Consumer contributed data: a welcome boost for credit scores

We all love a subscription. Whether that’s bingeing on the latest box set available on Netflix or Prime, or enjoying a craft ale from your monthly beer box – the popularity of these services have grow...

11 Nov 2020
Thomas Pintelon

Some novel ways to activate savings and fight economic recessions

With skyrocketing savings all over the world, an economic crisis is difficult to avoid as consumption drops and investments are generally postponed. While at first sight these unused savings seem to b...

14 Oct 2020