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Best Budget Apps and Personal Finance Tools for 2019

Keeping track of your budget is easier than ever in 2019, thanks to the various tools that have arrived on the market to fill this niche. However, the huge availability of products can be a bit overwh...

08 Apr 2019
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How to Estimate Your Utility Costs

Moving into a new place can be a stressful ordeal in many ways, especially if it’s an upgrade from your previous one and you’re not used to the new standard yet. As long as you’re careful and know wha...

20 Dec 2018
Peter Davidson

Cryptocurrency Markets Are in the Red - Does That Mean It’s Time to Get In?

Most investors have likely heard this sentiment from Warren Buffett at some point, but, as with most things, it’s often far easier said than done. The cryptocurrency markets have been taking a steep d...

14 Dec 2018
Chris Holmes

FinTech Guide for Global Citizens

With traditional providers slow to cater to global citizens, FinTechs have been quick to fill the space, launching innovative solutions to meet global citizens’ banking, remittance and payments needs....

12 Dec 2018
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The Best Investment Plans to Consider in 2019

Investing is important for growing your assets and expanding your financial capabilities, but unfortunately, far too many people have a very poor understanding of how investing works as a whole, and w...

05 Dec 2018
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Mutual Funds - Being Risk Averse

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing – Warren Buffet Traditionally, we have seen people investing mostly in FDs and other lumpsum conservative instruments. Now a days, we do realize that this...

19 Oct 2018
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Savings Account - Maximizing Returns

Note - This is in context to banking channels in India. Is there a way to maximise earnings from Savings Account? This is my first post, so I will start with a basic idea – Savings account. It is usua...

18 Oct 2018
Greg Nilson

Bitcoin will start being used more often. What will change?

About 32% of the current cryptocurrency offering is held on personal wallets, after long-term investors sold approximately $24 billion of bitcoin to new speculators between December 2017 and April 20

25 Sep 2018
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The Role of Accounting in Business

Every business needs a good accounting team at its core or at least one specialist who properly understands the field and the company’s specific requirements. There’s a lot that goes into the job of a...

17 Sep 2018
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Easy Steps to Create a Financial Budget for Small Business and Startups

While your business’ budget isn’t very glamorous, it’s a vital part of your business. Failure to budget effectively will tank your business so fast your head will spin. This is because when you’re bl

31 Aug 2018