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Nick Ogden

What does the Moody's downgrade really mean for businesses?

For months now we have been fortunate enough in the UK to sit back and watch as Moody's, the bank rating agency, set about a mission of degrading poorly performing banks. But all this changed last mon...

31 Jul 2012
Martin Bailey

The price we pay...

Some things are very easy to put a value on such as a loaf of bread or a pint of milk. Services are harder to value and prices can vary wildly especially in different geographies. How much should we p...

30 Jul 2012
Transaction Banking
Retired Member

When the supermarket met the bank - a match made in heaven?

Asda is the latest supermarket to follow the trend and raise its profile in the personal finance sector. The UK supermarket giant recently announced its new brand, Asda Money, which offers its millio...

27 Jul 2012
Hans Tesselaar

Keeping up with banking regulators - there's an app for that

The past couple of years have proven to be a testing time for retail banks. Not only is customer trust and loyalty at an all time low, but the ecosystem itself is changing. Traditional banking practi...

24 Jul 2012
Retired Member

Co-op to buy Lloyds bank Branches

So finally the dam has broken and we have a new substantial national contender in High Street banking with the Co-operative winning the prize of 600-plus Lloyds TSB branches. Or do we? To paraphrase,...

20 Jul 2012
Retired Member

Keeping track of the Asian private banking evolution

Competition for high net worth (HNW) clients is pushing banks to innovate around new product offerings. A huge influx of wealth & private banking businesses has sprung up in the region, focusing o...

20 Jul 2012
Innovation in Financial Services
Hans Tesselaar

Shaking off the shackles of outdated legacy systems

According to research released a few months ago by Infosys and Ovum, around three quarters of European banks are using outdated core systems. Given the great costs associated with core system renewal...

12 Jul 2012
Retired Member

Should Amazon be slapped on the wrist?

A French friend of mine recently boasted about his "ultra-secure" credit card issued by his local bank - that card required SMS-based authorization of every transaction. There is nothing sec...

11 Jul 2012
Innovation in Financial Services
Darren Negraeff

Part II: Major Hurdles Core Banking Systems need to Overcome

Core banking systems were built for a slower technological pace, where code changes were rare and stability and security were paramount. Now, legacy core banking systems are an impediment to innovatio...

09 Jul 2012
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

A Balanced View

Viewing a balance is by far the number one transaction conducted in Mobile banking. Eighty per cent of the time it is the only activity done by a customer after they login. That’s right. Eight out ...

08 Jul 2012
Innovation in Financial Services
Nikhil Mittal

Indian Private Retail Banks: Su CASA es Me CASA

In one of my recent interaction with cluster and branch heads of India's top three private national banks, a startling fact emerged that the majority emphasis is purely on selling the maximum possible...

02 Jul 2012
Elizabeth Lumley

Be a person...even if you ARE a bank

I'm been thinking a lot about our fair Natalie lately. One thing you hear about, frequently, is that banks are hesitant to engage with social media because 'why would we open ourselves up to abuse fro...

26 Jun 2012
Social Banks