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Bio Global FinTech commentator. Author of the Girl, Disrupted blog Career History I have spent over 20 years working as a journalist covering financial services and technology. I am work to help build and promote FinTech and InsurTech innovation.



FinTech does not live in London - It is global

29 Jun 2016

“What happened? It was supposed to be Grexit, not Brexit!” These words, spoken by an Athens taxi driver, as I made way to a hackathon in Greece, the day after the UK voted to leave the European Union. I shrugged. My twitter feed was in meltdown by people who were simultaneously ‘shocked’ and ‘scared’ and ‘sad’ by a vote that they saw as not a refe...


Invest in dirty fingernails, not manicured hands

20 Apr 2016

I used to work in an office in the Fruit and Wool Exchange on Brushfield Street in London back before Spitalfields Market was done over in the midst of the dot.com booming late 90s. A client dropped by the office to look at the space. They were a financial technology (as it was called back then) storta startup who was looking for office space. The...


Women in Technology

Trust me, it's not a secret

17 Feb 2016

A female CEO, of a shit hot FinTech company, needs to change her name back to her maiden name because investor after VC routinely ignored her in favour of her co-founder (who also happens to be her husband). A young Oxford graduate, who founded a small FinTech startup with her friends emails to ask 'How can I be a women in Fintech - when I feel so...



You can believe in unicorns, I’d rather plant seeds

09 Nov 2015

A famous quote from investor Warren Buffet goes along the lines of: "Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” I’m going to turn that quote around. Banks, banking and the financial services industry will be transformed (for the better) in the next ten years because someone planted a seed in FinTech ...


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