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Martin Bailey

Martin Bailey

Technology Product Director at Temenos
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Bio Temenos products make banks more profitable. My job in running Enterprise Technology is to make sure that those products work on every commercially viable platform and that technology delivers everything our clients need. Career History Having worked in software development for over 25 years in everything from blue chip companies to start ups, I have been exposed to most of the challenges of making commercially viable product. Eleven of those years have been spent in Temenos - by far the most dynamic organisation I have ever worked


Innovation in Financial Services

Innovation and Insight in Financial Services

07 Apr 2014

There's something about New York. The place exudes a sense of purpose. Broadway is the perfect place for a show and it seemed a fitting location for the Celent Innovation & Insight event. The theme of the show was shoot for the moon and even if you fail, you'll fall among the stars so it seemed fitting that it started with the Star Trek theme ...

Transaction Banking

Stand and Deliver

26 Mar 2013

When my dad wanted to underline something as especially true, he would use the phrase "you can take that to the bank." If someone wanted to underline the chances of something making money, they would say "as good as money in the bank". Both these phrases stem from the bank's reputation for safety. In the good old days, banks we...


Innovation in Financial Services

Loyalty is an outdated concept

30 Jan 2013

Reports on customer loyalty may differ on the exact number of people who are changing banks, but they all agree that customers are getting more promiscuous. The bad news is that I don't think we've seen anything yet. Mobile phone vendors eye how often customers change their banks with envy. The race to acquire new customers is on. In the UK, Maks ...


Banking Architecture

Up in smoke

18 Dec 2012

When you're about 4 years of age, piggy in the middle is a fun game, but it kind of loses its lustre by the time you get to 5. At the tender age of 42, I don't ever want to play it ever again, but my bank seems to have different ideas. When my wife asked me to make a payment to her friend - no problem, I thought. I've paid her once already, so I al...